Friday, May 21, 2010

Fishy Concepts: On the theme of fish the one that got away

Fishy Concepts

See it all for the first time
Like you never
saw it before

What looks like a fish
smells like a fish
usually is a fish
to me it looks like a car
a fish car that I can convert to
renewable scaled-back economy
given that; all's said and done

Although it is difficult to cook
a fish meal for someone so fussy
I think I've loved you since
loaves turned to fishes
their academic ambivalence
something to ponder
in the fuzzy muddy multi-ampidextrous
amphibian world of wierdness

I feel all wierded-out
like light gossamer pink see thru nakedness
I love your Honey Nuts
Come to think of it
it is this multi-tiered interface of directness
supreme disordered chaos' finest hour


(cant stop talkin' fish to my brain on too many tangents and lines in dangling, wiggling and giggling I caught something; not sure what it is; maybe just an old boot form an old man of the sea?)

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