Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Da Poetry Bus: Terresa's Drivin'!

The Lady's a Smokin' Firecracker!

She's got that certain glow
you dont get much today
She certainly knows how
to light the night away

tonight's the night
it's gonna be alright?
really don't look that way
Maybe she had something to say?

she made a very big boom-boom
now she's smokin' up the room
giving all a very big fright
the boss gonna be so uptight

down the vacant spaces
this happy cat wanted to stay
Mollie O'Malley O' The Back Alley
a stray who just wanted to play

her old man would just die
if he found out exactly why
Molly messed with a bic lighter
lit the fire of others desires

in other guys eyes the cat's meow
she played mrs. claus you know
and all day said "hohoho"
liked to play poker; "Oh.."

half lit up sweettart
killed by her loud art
hiding in back o' the joint
just deserts just got boinked

where she kept her ciggy butt
Lightening fast like flashy cash
not another kabooming toilet rut
another tidy toilet bowl rash
(nope that's the flowerpot stash!)

She's so bloody hot you know
dont tell me she's not hey Joe
she's one hot smokin' babe
with a lot goin' on with Dave

in the depth of her bosom
only room for a twosome
her heart's spontaneous fire?
Oh! it was just a melting tire!

don't ya know
I've just got to
read the book!
Keith Carter's "Fireflies"
i'm so hooked i could just die

just got to know
on a need
to know basis
what did she do exactly
in these hot tawdry places?

How'd she fair after
blown to the rafters
in bits and pieces
did she ever find Jesus?


TFE's Poetry Bus is driven by Terresa this week. The prompt; a photo by Keith Carter "Fireflies"

http://www.totalfeckineejit.blogspot.com/ note to see the picture prompt...is it copyrighted? So once I get the clear, I'll produce here! For yas!

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  1. ok dis is baaaaad! colloquial irish i got to master...how? I'll pick it up by osmosis and hangin' on da poetry bus!