Friday, May 28, 2010

Magpie #16 Brown Shoes

Brown Shoes

Brown knew exactly what to do
to remain low key and complacent
reflective of style in high places
feet walked through vogue today

Brown was besides herself; a little offputting
rather droll playing golf by the heated pool
strolling through the local gentry's village
running vague errands and boring mundane chores

Brown had had enough of feet
how like flitting birds; the business all over
often thought they were rather awfully fowl
never like strolling through lush green clover

why couldn't they just kick back, relax
stay awhile; without the pounding abuse
Browns' druthers to just pout and look somewhat glam
rather than dreaded walk-abouts of painful over-use

Poor Brown glam gal didn't know her place
often confused her station in life
upping the ante; looking down in disgrace
defined as "practical" created much strife

Have you ever heard Hush Puppies scream?



  1. You have brought brown shoes into total vogue! I loved your Magpie!

  2. Ah ha - hot new fashion. Love this!

  3. Love, love, loved this (and I don't say that lightly - especially three times). Feeling very brown right now...

    - Dina

  4. Poor brown shoes. Though when I "kick back, relax," the place for my shoes is in the closet!

  5. oh, but i have

    nothing like a comfortable pair of browns...

  6. Love the line "Brown had had enough of feet". Great Mag, Jane!

  7. I'm kind of fond of brownies too, shoes that is. Great job. These just keep getting better and better.

  8. you are witty in playing this shoe game with hush puppies in it...