Thursday, May 13, 2010

♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥Dream Generator♥ ☼٥♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼٥♥♫&♪♥

pic by courtesy m.jones
♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥DREAM GENERATOR♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥

Let's make magic happen! This is the place where our collective dreams can be imagined, refined and fully realized. More than fantasy, this dream workshop is the making of dreams for me, you and us! "If we can dream it we can make it happen" paraphrased from Thomas Alva Edison who use to visit his grandparents in Vienna, Ontario.

Today, right now I want you to close your eyes and picture the world you want in your minds eye. It might help to relax, do any kind of relaxation exercise that might allow the dream world to come into being. Capture this dream-vision. What is it that attracts you to this place, this time? What would you like to see realized from your dreams into the everyday world of "reality".

Believing that thought came before this physical world or reality, I believe that we can actually make our dreams a reality IF we know how. If we have the correct techniques to allow our dreams to grasp hold of this reality, this physical realm of existence and flourish and grow!

It is possible. Clearly, stated in the Bible was the "word" or the sound and then creation. The Creator wanted it this way, obviously, since thought should follow function. Form follows function. Louis K. Sullivan turn-of-the-century architect. Think about it; you have within your thoughts the ability to create the world you want; unicorns, lollipops and all! And, if you know how, and you can sustain the thought projection, create an endless world of physical joy for yourself in this world.

So today, I though I would try a Wish or Dream generator, one which list possible dreams and wishes of people, should they arise. We may come back here anytime to focus on the dreams we have formulated and to enpower our world; to make it truly ours and yours! Y-OURS!!!

Yes, we can do this. Please let me go first. No you go ahead...ok I'll go first! Here goes;

I wish that I could fly. That I could fly or float easily above the ground by about three inches and go wherever I want to go, and fly high in the sky without any risk and come back down again, zipping here and there at free will, whenever and wherever I want to anytime of night or day.

This has been a long-standing dream of mine since childhood. I guess you have a lot better dreams then me. That's great! I am just starting the process. It is fun to dream and believe in the dream. I think the important thing is; believing in the dream, that it will happened or it has happened and it is in mine or your possession, it is within or reach and grasp. We can hold the dream, feel the dream and live the dream. Isn't this kind of neat? I think so. Stay tuned, a lot more dreams and wishes coming our way! Happy wish-dreaming and making your dreams come true. Good safe dreams only here please! Thank-you!!!♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼L♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥


  1. For The Reality Of Your Dreams; I remain, your DNA bundle of Love-Joy Dream Machine Generator of Wishes! It's all yours! (and to discover)...go to where the magic takes you; wherever that may be; just remember to keep spread that loving pixy dust along the way so others may benefit from all that shining bling of lovin' glory uriah heap!

  2. meant to say SPREADING the love covering the earth with fantasy fantastical dreams that when dreamt become part of our dna become part of our heart of love become part of our dna of love and continue into an endless sea of love spread out through the loving dna universal design enpowering all with the majesty of LOVE!!!~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫T...

  3. AND the dream became real. And the word was made flesh. Do you get this tennant about how Love works? Love, dreams make things happens. You can only be what you are and if what you are; what your dna of love says you are love you are love and you live in a loved filled place where good loving vibes exist, where dreams are made, any good thing comes into reality to make your world more loving more alive with real love, more alive with the good things of this universe the good things of love the Creator created a non-stop universe of Love SO ENJOY IT! Keep Loving On! More Love please Sir! Ty Ty Ty!!!~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫T...