Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prophesy Wishes Dreams Come True

Prophesy Wishes Dreams Come True

what blessed bestowing of Beauty
as flowers fall upon yourself
from Heaven's gated majesty
many Kelvins away
your sweet headed nakedness
bared all to the sky
flowing down
lighter than air
feathery oil and water
feet lift from the earth
the weightiness of life burdens
removed for a moment
one moment
in time to dwell
to keep forever;
je m'aidez!
one space removed
from Horrible Hades

since space opened my eyes
as life lingered longer than
flesh could flash away
leaving in its' wake
floating bits and pieces
of heart held onto
emptiness and hope
of Love unbound
bliss's bounty
snake-like sounds

a long lost spaced-out soul
ramblings from long past remissed
dismissed from class
searching longingly
rumblings of viscera now
hunger pangs remit
still waiting to be
filled by the eptide
spirits of return
at the shores of no return
one day

my ineptitude
my long seated waiting
holding onto an essence
of a thing I never knew
but may have felt in another
lifetime where all was at it
should be not here and now
but then again
no way out
even if near perfect score
a perfect 10 can only
wait for decay

to hope to find
and seal the fate of which
the hopeful and faithful hearts
long to but
never will ever
return again to these
rocky shoals
where time always stood still
on these rough shores
these rough collies
like lassie

thought in this way
dashed and collider smashed
heart lost on the rocks
spilled guts all over the place
a mess even the floatsam
and jetsam refused to clean up

If you can for a minute
take a moment from your
claimed time and fame
remember my good intentions
warped beyond recognition
thwarted beyond comprehension
take time to order the chaos
take your hand and wipe my face
come up with a workable compromise
and equation that actually weighs
on the side of error
and corrects unfair

whether or not life
was worth the struggle
for this weighted chain
for this unrooted balance

as tears welled up
in this seemingly hopelessness
well of tears, veil of tears
the dreams of the unborn dreamers
to sacrifice the first
so others may last
the long fight
the bitter weather
all calamity to come
flitter flatter crashes
let's order
another round at the bar
another round for my friend
who keeps me in
this tourist town
(appropriated to Joni Mitchell)
maybe I'll be there again
one more time
for old times sake

could anything good
come from unburying the dead
digging up old plates
left in the garden
to wait and hope
someone could find
unlock the mystery
as life unfolded
a heap of cr*p?

convenient any control failed miserably
the purposefulness of the sacrifice
the missing heir
an ivory bone
disconnected pieces lost spaces
serving up servitude on a platter
the name "John" in female form
Arch Angel Michael
of the underbelly's fury
of earth's
shaken plates
long lost and missing dishes
ghosts cannot return to claim
won't matter in the afterlife
if the spirit is strong
the flesh was willing
the two to mesh the soul
eternity frees the captives

A life so out-of-control
so chaotic so droll
as Sisyphus Incorporated
certainly knew the score
frustratingly happy (the fool)
flushed actually
knowing life is not enough
for me
Pity the Fool!
Mr. T!

Knowing not much
time is left
the intelligence of which
seems inconsequential
removing my shoes
to feel the next life's
cold embrace
much the same as the last
to depart this game
for one time
an exit way out
once one is shut out
as it had always been
closed door to me

without my life as a sacrifice
where's the glory to shine
all around
look around you
far away and beyond
all known unknowns
not even a dent in the crown

as noncommittal to ownership
one can't help but be amazed
at the wonderment of it all
no agreement to sign with waivers
no proxy settings on stun
the registration I sign
a life to be lived
that is all

so cold cuts
and tear jerkers
to say I'm alive
feelings somewhat intact
bittersweet repast
intelligent beings
making sense of all
this infernal mess

whatever catastrophe
should come our way
in the following years
from today
may it be a catastrophe
that brings with it
not much entrophy
not only good time chaos
but much good luck to thee


Cursed since space

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