Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EMP's: The Danger to Humans Not Mentioned ~ Also...MS possible cure

Recently watched a show on the History Channel in regards to Solar Flares. Quite amazing. What concerned me was the fact that if (not when; when is a certainty) a solar X-class flare will erupt and hit the earth the damaging effects on the electromagnetic grid was discussed in some detail. However; the idea that the EMP damage to people was not discussed was rather disconcerting. It amazed me that there will be extremely bright red Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) everywhere not just the north pole areas. And the Northern Lights will be in a dramatic shades of red; like blood (appropo).
So what happens to people? See below. My questions have been answer by Coast to Coast's George Noory. (Thanks George...and by the way George did you see that light being on the Zapruter film yet? You didn't get back to me! Linda Moulton Howe did return my email! However, not much discussion on those ephemeral beings of light.)
If anyone is interested in seeing a light being picture; let me know; I'll be happy to email a pic of one. And then, please, let me know what you think! I love back and forth input. Thanks! Regarding the EMP's see below:
HUMANS WILL BE SO MESSED UP 90% WILL DIE WITHIN A YEAR. If a EMP bomb (WMD) is used on USA or Canadian soil. WHY HAVENT WE BEEN TOLD THIS? Oh well. Dumbing down in some cases may be the only way to deal with problems of this magnitude. Do you agree or disagree? Personally, I believe we should give subtle clues and ask persons if they want to solve these problems RATHER THAN HIDING OUR HEADS IN THE SAND. Maybe, then, the Creator will use a humble servant to create a cure, or solve a devasting problem. Isn't that who Jesus said he would use? Unless the old philosophic question; what is our purpose here; are we suppose to be in Heaven, Hell or half and half Limbo? To me, life here is often half and half for most, but maybe if we used our brains, souls, minds, bodies and the Spirit is willing; someone humble will solve this seemingly unsolvable problems and S.O.S's until we all can get on the right track to salvation. STTA (Something To Think About).

"EMP Threats:
In the latter half of the program, Prof. William Forstchen talked about the dangers of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects that could arise from a bomb sent into the atmosphere, as well as from solar activity like an X-class flare. He warned that Iran is moving toward development of a space orbital launch capability that could possibly deliver an EMP first strike. Such an attack on America would knock out the electrical grid, and by some estimates as many as 90% of the population would die within a year, he reported.

The solar scenario could be even more dire, Forstchen declared, citing the Carrington Event of 1859 (chronicled in the book The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark) which knocked out the telegraphy grid of England and the Northeast U.S. One analysis stated that even four years after a solar EMP, some 80% of generating capacity would still be offline. While there could be an approximately 24-hour warning before a serious solar flare hits Earth, no simulations have been done as to how to deal with it. Turning off the grid in advance of the flare might lessen its damage, he suggested. House Bill 2195 ( PDF excerpt ), advocated by Cong. Roscoe Bartlett, proposes investing funds to protect the grid from EMP threats, he added." from

Further Info:

Before I forget...there are some new cures on the horizon in regards to MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Dr. Zamboni in Italy has found that blocked veins in the neck are a possible cause for MS. There are new treatments. There is news on CTV Channel News tonight (May 5 2010 at 7:55 pm). Apparently the Quebec health board does not want anyone in Quebec getting a cure from this new theory/method. Some contravesy here. I mean there is no cure so anything, any hope is better than nothing unless it is really a medical fraud. Let's hope this is the cure MS patients have been awaiting for so many years.


  1. I pretty much agree that mankind has no business whatsoever messing with Nature or God, yet thinks himself better at god than God himself. I left you a reply on my blog about the post I wrote...

    "We would all be dead. Without bees there are no crops of food or anything else. But people still use chemicals to poison everything. There went the bees and bats and now they are spraying the ocean with a poison to control the oil spill. It is real poison. Read the article this morning."

    I would be interested in seeing the beings of light you described. I have been to Heaven and back and what I saw don't look like 'beings' to me.

  2. Wow.. interesting news and article...what will be, will be. :) The Bach

  3. Thanks Abe! Ok I will try to post here JAVA isnt working since...well...that's sort of detailed. If you have been (and I do believe you) to heaven and back; what exactly would you say is there? Remember, if it is horrendous it is probably not Heaven. And if you are lucky you wont believe in the other direction! lol!

  4. ok i will post on a new post the Zapruter film "light being" for the public here! Please tell me what you think. It is AMAZING!