Friday, May 21, 2010

Magpie#14 All Hope Lies On Ambivalent Fish

Said the fish to the fisherman
man dont it run deep
as a river runs through
it all
as ambivalent
as a fish
as a wish
as dream
as ever were
some everware

hopefulness gives rise to
the once downtrodden hopeless
those people on the contrary
side of life
the others caught or missed
by sheer placement askew
in the reversed Gamma radioactiveness
the otherside of midnight
the other road less taken
none other than that which were
Reverse tables of fabled talkers
The Wheel Of Fortune Unfortunate few
hides the equation; lies the equation
not always equal so it balances is irregular
due to oppositional magenetic theory
of splice and dice on the bias offset
as the Wheels of Change keep changing
ringing in
and bringing in
the sheaves
KaChing KaChing
The I Ching of Change
the churned muddied waters
come Florida's clearwaters once more
the oil covered tar sands
sink like the wooly mammoths
rebirthed by ways and means committees
hell bent on salvation
return to glorification
renewed spirits
eyes up

and all hopeless being hope
we can work it out
and retool the tool given
spin little fishes spin

you have no way out
other than to spin on
your tailfeathers
hope that Jeopardy
and the Wheel of Fortune
wheels will spin
hop off that tailcoat
of others
wave goodbye
waiver no more
sea is swells
Happy Valley!

spin and spin
til spun and done
stand up and be counted
person non grata
your value unknown
except by the universe
that keeps its secrets
known by you deep within
the heart of truth
awaiting unlocking

We're all just a bunch
of dumb klucks plucked
from the sea
without any focus'd prize
We're just waiting to be born
yet that's not enough
for the many waiting in agony
we're all going down
we're all going nowhere
we're all going deep six
to own the stars
make it on our own
make it all alone
make it shine bright
all the time
after all

as hopeless
breeds contempt
a hopeful breeds attempt
a much needed nemesis
a carthatic reaction
a fitting hubris
to the action

as slowly rotting gut rot
gives way to ought to wrought
the finer things in life
which then, happily ever after
finally makes it
all right
whatever's left
of the leftovers
thrown out with the trash
collected by the recollections
of things that once were
so valuable
now resorted and retooled
a past in hindsight
once to drool
upon a time
a spool spun out to the universe
collapsable ends
never meet
only in the middle
step down off your highhorse
meet me in the middle
or at least St. Louis
returned to sender
my darling
deservedly so
as yet undeliverable
to the Deliverer
to the Bearer
of Good News
Hope Springs Eternal
as the Fish of the Sea
outnumber man 10:1
Said the fishes to the men
"A Big Hopefilled Balloon Full Of Fish To You!!!"


(please stay tuned for my short story on the wee fishes coming soon!)

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  1. Ooops I meant to say Ambiguous Fish. Oh well!