Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brief News Blurps and Hiccups

Got up early this morning as the heat this May 26, 2010 is just beginning to bear down upon the northern hemisphere. Definitely I love the cool of the morning, the peacefulness found in the quiet moments just after the birds have their wake up and quack sessions.

Listening to classic music all evening so peaceful and makes one so sophoric, like I was meant to be in a permanent sleep state.

Saw "Cube" last night on IFC. OMG. I can't get that out of my mind. My significant other did not like it at all. I did. I think it reminded me of the existentialist Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot". I enjoyed it's realism, starkness, emotionally disturbed characters, the brutal "Man/Woman Against The Machine". Glad the autistic person got to go "into the light" the only one truly worthy of salvation. Did not like the actions of that one mean person who was made totally psycho by "The Cube". HIgh tech and great set. What a concept! Amazing stuff!

Today I found out about Shamus Heaney, Ireland's only (?) poet laureate since Yeats. (is this true?). I read some of his works today online. Amazingly simple, yet emotionally impacting. The mark of a poet; emotionality with personal depth. Intrinsic quality of the individual is valuable. He is being featured on CBC this p.m. (1-3 pm) CBC Canada's national radio is available live online I believe for international listeners. Very witty repartee on CBC. And CBC Two has non-stop classic music, which is relaxing and inspiring when frazzed.

Today I found out there is a new "bean" of quality featured in many "high end restaurants" in Winnepeg Manitoba Canada. There are high end restaurants in Manitoba. Ok. I'll go along with this. The bean is called "Keenwah" (not sure of spelling). However, it is the next Chia (Salvia).

I was also more than happy to hear about the anti-bullying campaign in London, Ontario. A grass-roots movement which is trying to get the school board to take a more "pro-active" stance as far as bullying is concerned.

There is also a National Housing study being done by a private law firm trying to challenge Canada's constitution's laws as far as the right to housing for all. More difficult to challenge on other poverty issues for some reason. I am following this as it is all new news to me!

Interested in tankless water heaters. What a great idea. Why keep the water constantly heated when not in use. A huge waste of electricity.

Did you watch NCIS's final show? Sort of fizzled. Glad no main characters were eliminated but left a lot of pending questions nonetheless. The boss continues to remain a cruel effigy. Did not get the last episode at all. Was Gibbs kidnapped, he did not say he was but got rekidnapped by the brother of the sister of the South American drug bangers. Gibbs almost a space cadet now. Walks onto the C140 like hey I was just kidnapped and now here I am! What? Good to know Ziva became a US Citizen; finally! Now she knows the red headed kid quote! Will miss Abi, Ducky, DiNozzo. Will not miss Leon Vance the mean boss. Could have tied it up abit better in my opinion. At least it is open-ended and maybe these characters will come back. NCIS L.A. is just not the same. I like some of the characters, but most are very cookie-cutterish. NCIS had some really good actors mentioned above. Thought they could have made a better ending. Oh well. Even 24 had a better ending; and I was wholly ok with that show, although NCIS always had a better storyline and plot, whereas 24 even though a good concept originally became too overtly stylized and predictable.

BP is going to "top kill" the leaking oil in the gulf today. Praying for success here as is everyone in the known universe. Lets hope its not an irrepairable chasm or volcanic eruption. Is this how tarsands happened? Ask California's wooly mammoths.

Found a cool site for bookswapping (wonders if this is in Canada too) called

As you can tell, I am spread thin trying to gather all the news of the day. Updates will follow as soon as I find something personally impacting our world.

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  1. Apparently Canada is going to be finding a national security and exchange commissioner who's job is to make sure all is in order. Keep him arms length from the executive washroom! Insiders club news isnt always only just heard "on the street". In the boardrooms and bedrooms the "exclusive club" is wiping out our collective wealth. Shouldn't this have happened; yesterday? I thought we already had a National Security and Commisions Exchange Officer. What the? We didn't? Huh? Wool is thick this am. for some unknown reason as usual. The usual suspects the usual dumbing down of yer goose down. Confucious say "if duck fly upside down he end up in a big quackup". How true! Got all your ducks in order?