Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M.O.M. Pet Project of Love: Focus on the Infinite

Today I feel apprehensive. Not sure why exactly. Foreboding? Nonetheless I still must make the best of my day.

Yes, it greatly concerns me; everything. Should it? Do I have residual worry about last evenings PBS Whaling Special about historical whaling?Killing of Sperm Whales to be exact from the 1700-1800's as close as the late 1960's!

How the poor sperm whales were crying for days with "red chimney" coming out of their air hole spouts! The danger to the men who were literally dragged around the ocean like on a coaster ride or a "sled ride". The risks to lives! The dangers! The gore! Oh my gosh, all too much! I will spare you the horrible details. Nonetheless, I am feeling effected or affected by this, to the marrow this morning.

How many things like this effect people and we just slough it off as being "part of life". Thank goodness, it was years ago.(well the 60's not that long ago really).

These whaler ships and the brave "whalers" were incredible. Put how I pity them! The men used like pawns, jumping ship, travelling the world, trying to make a dollar by risking their lives in this end game. The game a sport venture of the high seas.

Just so that we could see at night, read another edition of Moby Dick, without flicker without too much smoke billowing from the whale oil lamps. Truly! The best oil being from spermicetta (sp?) from the sperm whales massive head. Moby Dick by Hermann Melville, Herman waxing so poetic through this episode, as he was a most experienced whaler himself who gave his script to a fellow whaler to be appreciated the world o'er today! Melville is incredible! So is Nantucket sound, oh I can smell the salty brine as I repine for this shelter abode from the stormy gales of New West Humberland. (or where-ever!). I made this up. Although I'd love to visit and smell the ocean just once in my lifetime. Although I did get to go to NY NY in the early 80's I didnt get to the ocean yet. I have been on the St. Lawrence, I do recall the smelly fish air; is that sea air?

Yes, the whalers. They were either very brave or very stupid. Or both. What a history, their art on the whalebones captured, the nautical oil paintings so other-worldly now. The art work and the history totally amaze me, their life style compared to a soldier's 97 percent boredom 3 percent intense action.

The battle scene straight from Homer's The Iliad: The battling levithan a creature of the unknown, like the lone ships sailing the seas with only the horizon line guiding their unsure destiny.

Close to the maker, no life like it. As these tales were recounted I could not help but think; so poetically beautiful and so epic in tragedy. Massively dramatic. Thank goodness I do not have to battle a whale today.

Or do I? Yes I do. By way of existing here on this planet right now we are all battling something. No one is immune from being in some sense, a soulful warrior.

In a way we are always "battling" something in this life, be it small change or larger than life. Today on the news I noticed that a St. Jude's in Quebec had a massive sink hole. I also saw the huge tornados that touched down in Oklahoma.

This massive assault had a heroic story of a saved family being almost reborn coming out of the depths of their storm shelter. The golden lab so adorable, the people with sunny smiles so happy to be alive; so happy!

I also thought of the others not so lucky, those in flimsy trailer park homes being torn to shreds. But these storms it did not matter, the size being Force Three to what next?

I saw substantial middleclass homes being totally demolished. I once lived in a mobile home up north. We had to worry about the electricity going out at minus seventy degrees celcius, rated the coldest place on earth at one time. And this is just the beginning of tornado season? We had one here last year. In the spring. I was lying on the couch as was awoken to a huge bright ball of light (ball lightening; protonic lightening). The force of which I have never known. I was blinded for a few minutes terrified. Then the tornado went through a ski village where supposed no tornado would ever conceivable go through, doing much damage to apple trees and a block of fine chalets. What's causing this, really, why so much so, it was never this bad in the 60's or 70's. What the? Protonic activity from the sun. Unrecognized as yet except by M.O.M. University labs. Huh.

Also listening right now to last weeks floods in Tennessee. The huge problems we are dealing with daily. The Greek market collapse of their Euro dollar in the Trillions. This may effect, via trickle-down effect our markets here; the interest rates may rise, leading to another, maybe unsalvageable depression.

But I don't, I can't let this stop my day, the way I see my day as going, the way I want it to go. The focus is on the "prize". The prize? Life as we want it to be, as we have made it to be, the way it will be with all intents and purposes. What is that prize? What is that focus; the very thing we need for our survival is..."____".
Please fill in the blank! The prize is L.O.V.E.!!! Don't you forget it!

I have already filled in the blank. The basic thing that will see us through any disaster is "LOVE". OK? You're ok with this?

Sure, we need disaster planning, (that was last week's initiative which I didnt get to see much about although it was National Disaster Planning week in Canada).

Now back to the St. Jude Quebec sink hole. When I saw that today, it sort of matched the sinking feeling I had when I awoke today. Whether or not that sinking feeling is residual feelings from the whaling show, I don't know. Whether or not is impending doombastic prophetic feeling via the emotive fountain of soul, I am not sure. I never thought I was related to Sylvia Browne, but maybe? Psychically? Hmmmm...

Oh that odd sinking feeling remains like a gapping hole of unknown wonder yet at the same time it is creepy. It can be both creepy and an incentive to take action. Maybe too much caffeine's fight or flight response when this drug wreaks havoc with hormones. Especially adrenaline stores. Who knows? Someone must. Yet, hmmmm. What is truly being done. Researches stuck in their labs cannot help us can they? Will they? They have not in the past. S

o how the heck are we as humans to fill all these massive gaps, those missing pieces, those holes that lay vacant, dormant ready to suck us into the pit both spiritually, physically and mentally?

Is it possible to correct the physical world or have this effect to any extent? After all, I am merely human! Mere or Mere? I am mother of the ocean of love I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. CONSIDER IT DONE!!! Everything is possible with love. This gives us hope. This enpowers the unenpowered. You. Me. Us.

Nonetheless I must "Carry On". I must take this mantle upon me of whatever comes my way I must "deal" with it. How? Brace yourself with the love's girdle! What?

Well, I have known that the deepest part of the pool or soul is the Universe of Love. The place where we are directed to go, where all our footsteps we take in this lifetime lead us to...is that place where we are no longer vulnerable to any attack or disaster, or both, or whatever.

Today, I think I can say that I am using a form of Love to create a world we all want to enjoy. We know that when we place our focus on something like love, love sheilds us from all of life's illusions, because only LOVE is real.

Now that I have formally discovered this aspect of life and living, I am able to actually make a difference in this world by promoting LOVE.

What exactly is Love. Love is caring for your neighbours, Love is caring for yourself, that you are headed towards some place that is where you want to be, and where you want to live. It is a loving place. It is no longer fearful of any "sling or arrow" that can be projected our way. How does projecting love on the earth work to make the earth a better place for all?

Love works because it is our core energy. A misunderstood core energy, but an energy nonetheless and it is pivotal in our world. Our world, our physical world is prone to decay. This causes the flux, the disasters, etc. Love is the only constant in the Universe. This I have come to realize lately.
It makes me happy to realize the power that we possess within ourselves.

With the power of love comes the ability to make a difference in your world. Nothing else will work. Absolutely nothing else. It has to be love. It is love. Love heals the wounds that are caused by a physical reality that can only lead to disintegration. So how do we use love to make our world better?

There are so many problems facing our physical reality, but it is with the force of love which is a constant and therefore, eternal that we are able to project more love constant on the physical projection of this particular place and time where we exist.

The solar system is a spiral system, it is constantly moving, changing, evolving into and from Love. Thinking polar/solar/ right now. Why? Every molecule every atom has this constant at its core. Love. We are made from this or we would not be experiencing this. When we master the art of how to love ourselves, our neighbours, our world, we will be able to control the events that happen here. In other words, love covers a multitude of disaster. How?

Today I work up, apprehensive, why? Could have been the negative projection from tv, the news, even old historical bits about how cruel whaling use to be. And it sadden my heart. It made me feel somewhat apprehensive as if I am to expect another disaster. But if I project instead, Love when I feel apprehensive, or fearful, I can accomplish much more than the sum of the parts of this world which is "change".

So we have two constants in our world "change" and "love". Love being the constant force and change being the changeable or non-constant force. So we must balance in this particular place which is 1/2 physical and 1/2 spiritual (yinyang effect) until the time when we merge again and complete the spiritual journey or cycle. The Vulgate Cycle? (I'm off-topic! This is something new to learn something else to focus my attention, i am directed by "happy accidents" to the truth of it all. Yes the VC has much more to do with Arthurian Legend yet I had this pop into my head like some; what is that doing there thing? What the? Listen; these concepts will be discussed in detail later once I can fully realize the spiritual approach of the ancient writers; I will find out why the thought latched in, linked in (not THAT linked in yet (inside joke).

In other words I need a really good book reader, you know, what are they called; where do I get this knowledge required to make magic happen. Some computer program. Certainly canot do the actualization of the dream all by myself. It takes everyone's focus to make this happen! This will happen! Coming soon!) Anyway, there is a cycle to all this from Alpha to Omega, we do continue in a loop-like circular action, for what purpose, we will examine later, in detail, with information, not just mere supposition.

Phew! That's a lot to consume for today. I guess I have realized that my anxiety is the spirit urging me to do something. What? Spread more Love and Love is faith. Faith being belief in the "unseen". We didnt know there were certain forces there was no direct evidence to prove this, yet, with collaborative evidence, the judgement lays heavily on the side of "possible form of energy" when it comes to discussing the invisible "Love" energy.

Today I want you, (and me!) to find physical evidence of love, I want you to record this. How? Let's say for example, you have the same thing I have, a feeling of apprehension, and then you start to understand exactly where that apprehension is coming from, from something you feel you have no control of stopping. With your willful direction of your love flow you can you will direct the world towards more positive results. How?

Recently I was concerned with the Greenland volcano. The mayhem it is causing the flights in Europe etc. The potential for other disasters loom larger with the smoke coming from the top of that volcanic mountain. It looks like dragons breath. Originally I wrote a poem about how it effected me. It made me feel better. Love is after all a feeling, a wonderful great feeling. A feeling of accomplishment a feeling of having conquered anything that takes away from being in the "moment of love" the constant force.

How do things take away one's attention form the loving feeling? Why does this happen. It happens. Who's to say? Again living in the dictomy world we have here, half good, half bad is very difficult. It is a challenge. However, once realizing the power of love bridges those seeming gaps in our physical world and we are allowed to live the life we want when we push forward the idea that we are primarily, the mother cell soul energy of Love. Love is what we are, and it what we should be all else is extraeous and erroneous.(Thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer).

Project Love today. It is a project and it is a projection. How coincidenal! I love those synchronistic moments! (see blog for my synchronicity section). It is really all amazing all very much a miracle of love this world. A combination of elements, and we have the power to change the world. It is really amazing. Our thought projection of love can cause miracles to happen.

We will discuss in future M.O.M. University further ways we can employ to project love at places. We can focus the projection, and the love energy to change the abberant "protonic discharge" from the sun which I believe is causing volcanic activity, tornado activity, earthquake activity, etc., etc.

M.O.M. University is going to be discussing this topic in much more detail in the near future. There are methods to use, there are new inventions made from love. As love wants to survive and thrive just like we all do. We know this to be true. This is a reality. Love is a reality. It not hypothetical. Love is transformational. With the outflowing of love we all greatly benefit.

To be discussed next time on M.O.M. University; how to alter the sun's protonic activity and how to make protonic collectors.

Love is all! Make good loving vibes happen! Now!



  1. ...all we need is________?
    hey, i know this one, pick me, PICK ME!
    a relationship with God that one can only have by accepting that Jesus is the Son of God, offering us a gift of salvation and eternal life. hey, you asked!

  2. Dear Sheri: Right on! There is that Spirit of Love which is called God. By the ancients who knew this to be true as well, that God was with them although maybe the name was not realized the Spirit of Love (which is God and Jesus and other prophets who bring God's Love to the Earth) definitely is a wonderful feeling and it is that direction; knowing by "knowing because you know you know" as it is writter (very important) for this direction to guide our feet to the place where we will stand or be brought into a new world where we will be what we are and have been for eternity. It is really all a wonderful miracle when we can focus on that; on the God-directed rather than man-directed way to the Spirit of Love. Some have found this and keep it; but we are suppose to SHOW IT. (do not hide your lamp under the bed, etc quote from the Bible). Yet we must build up the reserves as well, (wise and foolish virgins quote from the Bible). In a way, all these examples or parables from Jesus have taught us the way of the Spirt of Love. Love being the most important thing that Jesus taught us; should wnot know more about it? I believe that would help our collective abilities to be living the life of the Spirit of Love; which is what I believe God, Jesus and others who have the power of the Spirit of Love from the Creator is telling us to do. More understanding about what Love is, and how we can make it flow more into the physical plane of existence. It would help ease the transition from the physical plane to the spiritual plane of Love where the Creator resides. Definitely. Thanks Sheri for your lovely comment!