Monday, May 24, 2010

Meandering Babblings and Ponderings

i'll surely be lost without LOST.yes, .but Love is never Lost it is the magnet of our souls our dispatch to magnetically displaced are we unless we align to the desine of LOVE..yes realize we are really ALL ONE...never alone again in this HUMONGOUS UNIVERSE within us is the key to unlock our place here in all this SPACE which is sometimes LOST yet found when LOVE comes knocking again on the one day when to come together in this way...when we join together in spiritual oneness of LOVE and "get with the program of love" which has been right here all the time. where are those love keys?.BIT EXCLUSIVE JUST EXACTLY THE RIGHT COMBO TO BECOME ONE WITH LOVE...(clue: MORE LOVE) click click WE'RE IN...WE' ARE LOVE!!! NO MORE LOST FOR LOST ... lost's last season will be on DVD...but will we be on DVD? YOUTUBE maybe? idea...?(oh youre talking the tv show LOST...i knew that..:) smiles

lovely pax pics...peace centred in the loving heart of the individual giving through experence what the experiencer wants you to know at this time opening up like a lotus flower. What will we learn today? Joel:. The pics are so fantastic! Where are the footprints in the sand Doesnt matter. They are there were they are; a moment in time to be ... See Morewashed away but for now giving us this amazing image? All those feet making waves together!!! HOW AMAZING!!!! Vibration is keen I can taste it in the air! Happy for this DAY everyday ty Maker!!!!

the rivers of love
coming to you
in abundance of overflow
cresting my banks
in wreckless abandon;
thats kinda heavy for a monday am

Pretty I watch this channelled energy making sense...response like a connection and circuit board where love is written ...on the templates at the temple...

concentrated effort make the concertina ring is all about chanelling the river channel opening the locks and letting our boat float on the sea of love..dreamy marshmallow love

Sacrosanct macro and micro worlds unfold their water design the templated priori accumulated like scrolls unrolled when we give our full when we go as far as to give our second ATTENTION (the one hand doesnt know what the other hand is doing) this allows the nonseeing of the nonbeing worlds to exist in harmony as a gate opening allowing fragments of yet unseen worlds merge with our consciousness

energy unbound knows no bounds and knows nothing about everything as is all or nothing but focused can be whatever we want that energy to be when we tune into the love that is us.

profound wisdom..the dualistic concept of all and nothing. what a cunundrum that is possibly upset to create a mriaculous accident that we may be? A love filled blip on the bleep?

Synchronicity may unlock some key to the universe; once unlocked and as fully understood. as can be possible Some blip in the bleepin' universe! We see this as an anomaly now but one day it is there for repairing the gap in the love flow(Smiles!)

spoken like the true philosopher; you are the best! Bravo! Aside: why at times the answers are black and white and at other times they are varient shades of gray? What makes things waiver or truths become less clear and in need of much circumspection?


  1. The answer to your questions is...

    Honeysuckle is almost odorless to me. That is probably because I can't smell much with my nose anymore and my wife can't smell anything. So I don't really know what they are supposed to smell like.

  2. Dear Abe: That is something! Because so many authors (especially from the south USA speak about honeysuckle) I am sure it is a very sweet smell like the overwhelming lilac that is like a fragrance bomb. I now some do not have olafactory scents for many reasons...oh i'd like that at times! You could consider yourself most fortunate when it comes to that! I think it would be worth the exchange!