Monday, May 3, 2010

The Woodlands in May

Smell of sage
as a fragrant balm
the crack of light
slowly seeping into
dawn of a new day

morning eyes open
unaware of the change
between dream world
and waking

as shaking off
sleepy dreams
now becoming
unreal somehow
as this new realness
feelings of newness

yet somehow the same
toes touching ground
stretching old bones
sinews stiffen and give
stretching slowly
to sit up
I become
this new day

new worlds hiding
mourning doves
sad lament
each dawn and dusk
semitones up then down
a reminder a remainder
of lingering memories
thousands of yesterdays

deers soon to flit past
as light makes them spring
back to the deep woods
to chew the green lushness
as winter had made them fat
from our green recycle bin

Ordered madness
I sort the garbage
plastics, paper and cans
waiting for the garbage man
soon to arrive at 6:55 am

moonlight still in sight
as the babysat and borrowed dog
my old dog's psychic twin
a black lab and roti mix
waits patiently for me
Returns to Pooh Corner
I'll soon take her in from the damp
the morning dew evaporates
as sunlight streams through
birch pine and poplar trees

Bella chews her old bone
found on the ground
is that another turkey
she just wants to be free
she can hardly be
she sure tries
unless the catcher
should snatch her again
there would be a lot of
balling eyes!

These lessons learned
from the past
the hardest way for me
it always seems to be
guess that's life
I've learned to live
with that

how to stay
without a leash
she'd be off
like a flash

away to chase birds
squirrels and other hounds
she'd just run away
to the beach
where fishy smells abound

faster than I could
call her name
Oh no not another
80 dollars to the pound!

Absolutely for sure
Where would I be
another dog gone day
In The Glorious Bella's
Woodlands in May



  1. We had a yellow lab that just would not stay. He would sneak off, swim across the river to play with kids at the park. The police got tired of driving him home, so we had to install an invisible fence. May was the worst.

  2. That's a good idea; the invisible fence. I'll tell Bella's owner. I am not for the choke-spike collars. Labs just love to run. I was suggesting a dog run (like a laundry-line) but Bella had already pulled that down. May I should call Cesar Milan! Thanks for your input; I forgot about the invisible fence!

  3. wow, this was so whimsical and a great read, a fun magpie! can you imagine being tether your whole life, never running as far as you could and then lay there and sleep till you were ready to go back? wish so much you could be the one to unlatch that poochie ;)