Monday, May 10, 2010

Consciousness As A Guided Effort

Consciousness and being conscious, in the moment is certainly the best way to be. However, what if that "moment" is not the best? What to do? There is a way to be in the moment even if the "moment" is not the best. How?
Not only should we live in the moment to savour all the sensations actualized in the climatic moment but we should always be aware. Being the most aware in the most moment we can be.
How can we be the most us in the most moment? Here we have a dictomy. Since the world we live in is basically dualistic, separated from a unity of being, we need to claim the fact that we are dualistic; in two parts; maybe we have a complete unity within us, or outside of our being or we are trying to find the unity somewhere.
That somewhere could be anywhere or souls seem drawn. We search for a unity of soul which the spirit provides. This spirit? Call it Divine Unity of Spirit, call it The Creator, God, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. However, this is the place the perfect place of Unity. Are you with me on this?
Now we know that we are dualistic, comprised of two of everything. Like the atom split us and our Universe right down the centre line and we exist on this two and multi-dimensional state of being.
We wonder; what is the "perfect" state of being; what does the state of unity with the divine love perfection come from and where is it going. It is "now". It just "is". You will have no doubt when you are in the now moment of being one or unified with all that is, it is a complete and satisfying experience. It is how we are suppose to be at all times. In the idealized spiritual world we know we are inside our deepest layers of spiritual consciousness.
Is there an actual place where all this "divine unity" comes together. Remember back to your youth or to today when you turned on a certain song on the radio. For some reason the music draws you in, makes you feel unified, makes your soul feel satisfied for some reason.
This music may contain the missing parts of the spectrum we may be missing this far off in the universe. We are on the outer age of a spiral arm on the Milky Way Galaxy. Our spiral galaxy is spinning very fast (research speed of our MW galaxy here).
At this point in time we look out into the expanse of universe and see more universe. More layers. More cellular divisions that go into the trillions of trillions, into gogaplex dimension far from our human comprehension. OUr minds that were formed when? Before or after the Big Bang.
Whether or not you believe in The Big Bang theory or Evolution, is not relative here. The fact that you are aware of our multi-billion cell divisions and our continued splitting into more and more parts day by day is significant. Because eventually, that splitting of atoms will stop and we will be brought back to the Unity of the Divine Spirit of Love.
Then we will truly know the "peace that passes all understanding". We will be fully completed then, our multi-cells return to the "mother cell soul Universe".
Things will make sense then. We can only catch glimpses of that nirvana now.
When we understand the insignificance of all this and focus on the importance of what is whole within us at all times is the Unity of the Divine Spirit of Love. Some know this as the Creator. We know this is what we are, what we are meant to be, and what we shall become when we become that unity, after we shed our human bodies. We can and should try to achieve this wholeness of spirit here. This is what we are suppose to do. There is so much power in the unity of love it is mind-boggling and defies description for me at this time.
Let's return to that state of unity now. How do we do it. By just allowing yourself to "be". To "be" LOVE. Because you are LOVE . You have been and always will be Love. We redefine the term NOW. It is what you are, what you "is" what you "be". It is everything and nothing. It is a wholeness in this multi-fragmented world of surface living. Deep within you, deep within me there is a unity which we all share. Let's celebrate that unity of love and continue to make the world a better place with our intent and focus on the Spirit of Love. It can and does move mountains. It can and does give us our very breath. I am thankful for this bounty of love within me and within you every day I am alive. Thank-you. Namaste!jj


  1. Ok we can be this unity here. we can be this divine loving force but does this mean we can be complete too. Our completion does not end here. Why? Everyday we live we become one more billionth cell. We never stop splitting. But the return to the wholeness of being will complete our journey I believe. And the end to this separation from the Divine Unity of Love. Our being will join the unity of all that is and there will be no more shadows or gaps or missing pieces. NOr pain, nor broken hearts, nor perception of separation in whatever form those take now. The illusion of this world will give way to the Unity of the Spirit "Be"ing. Namaste!

  2. Has anyone ever experienced a lot of pain in their lives? Be it physical, emotional or spiritual pain? If so, you are not alone. HOwever, this pain is not necessary. Pain is the closure and will not allow us the open-ended opportunity to cross to the wholeness of being one with the Unity of Divine Love. Love and pain cannot exist in the same space. So therefore there are methods to be used which can allow love to flow where pain use to exist. We can find that gap and cork it up and we can then wait for the completion of being. The metamorphosis of the human being to light being soul of love; divine and eternal love. (with absolutely no pain in there at all because pain as that "bridge" which separates us into all our billion cell + parts will no longer exist and we will be one as we always are but are not completely conscious of, as yet! We're working on this! Namaste jj

  3. It is well and good to say that you have become whole in this world. That you have become one with the unity of love. Yet, it is my feeling, and my intuitive feeling which is really an overflow or fountain feeling from the spirit, that we cannot be full in the unity of love when we know in our unity of love that others are not unified, that they suffer, that we suffer too, for this shared unity is shared by all. So if there is a illness in the unity than the whole unity here is not as much as it could be until the separation becomes the unity that the actual physical form of the universe as well changes into the perfected form it once and is, just not exactly there as a BIG HUGE UNITY OF SPIRIT FOR ALL. and I await that day for all to unify then we will be completed. All of us. and the separation of being will give way to Unity of Being ONe in Love and Spirit. Are you catching my drift? Any comments welcome. Namaste!

  4. So those of you that say or believe that you can be all you can be in this moment in time at this specific "Nirvana" moment that you believe is sustained. I do not. I am believing there is a time when we will however. A matter of faith, a matter of believing that the Universe will remember the beginning from the end and eternally we will be at the Nirvana state at that time. (This gave rise to the knowledge that some people have already achieved a Nirvana state on earth. Yes, but there is even more for these "First level Nirvana Love Souls" The Universe of Divine Being of Love will be that much more than anyone can gauge or recognize to any degree now. It will be more than any of our conceptualization of the completion form of Nirvana. The last and the first state of this Divine Love. This excites me because I know it is within each and every one of us! Namaste!

  5. We can consciously shift the flow of love in this world. There is an art to this. This is meditative practice.
    When we learn how to focus the love within and make it flow, make it where we will it, we have begun to realize the power of love. This love is the Divine Spirt Love I have been discussing previously. We can make the world a much better place if we are conscious of our love flow and work with it like we would work with clay. Love is an energy force, it is all and nothing. It is eternal. Love will completely realized at one time, maybe now when the Universe goes back to the one cell mother cell soul of flow. Then and only then will we know and be the complete power of the Unity of Love Beingness. For me that day is already here, and I dont worry about it as I spread the love and watch the parts come together! It is truly a miracle! And it is all of ours to cherish! Cherish the Love People, Cherish the Love!!! Namaste!

  6. there are all kinds of pains,
    sweet and sour ones,
    purely physical ones...
    you have full knowledge of emotions ...
    Best wishes!
    Happy to Read You!