Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day: Pause for A Minute and Remember

After listening all morning to various tv shows, in particular "Sunday Morning" which I enjoy watching but only caught the tail end this a.m. and then "Face The Nation" with John King, I felt I must discuss this issue with someone perhaps my bloggy friends in cyber space maybe?

Sad to hear the "kill shot" was not 100 percent successful. What was with using golf balls? Definitely not a MIT plan; not very sophisticated or more importantly, successful. Yes I did at one time know someone who went to MIT; he was an artist. I wonder how many artists go to MIT. They must have an arts program? I'll look into this and a million other things; later...

No, BP has not been successful in stopping the gusher. Not yet anyway. Maybe in August when the next pipeline is installed, however, are we sure of this? There are a lot of people really ticked with BP because they did not "fix" the problem. They said they would "look after it", yet they did not. They thought they could, but this was never 100 percent so, they should have gotten help from someone who knew how. This is called "know-how".

The buck should stop when the environment comes into this risk of disaster. Some government agency must step in and take over, and they better know what they are doing and then send the bill to BP. How could this happen and worse yet, how could it continue to happen over and over again. Did the terrorists poison our drugs, food and water so that we are all stupid now? It sure looks this way!

Why did we need to fix this massive problem in the first place? Why were no safeguards in place? Not knowing that this possibility of fatally poisoning the gulf coast waters and coast and poisoning maybe killing the people and animals, plant life, etc., for how long? We do not know the severity, it could be a lot worse, and hopefully it will not be worse, but, the main issue is; this should never have happened with the correct safety protocols in place. Why were there no safety protocols in place? Ignorance?

Probably greed. All humankind's downfall has been due to this vice; greed. Money talks not safety issues yet this should not be the way it should be, no not at all!

How many years have we, must we, put up with this load of dirty oil? This is a crime of negligence if not a crime for usurpership purposes; and maybe it was deliberate. who's to know? Will we ever know? It effects everyone of us, yet we may never know the extent of the true crime.

With all the terorist lately activity will we know? What level of security? What's next? In the middle of crisis will we be kept dumbdowned for our own safety? How can we believe this was an accident? Did this happen before? When, only since the oil crises and the terrorist started to dig their nails into our way of life? Something is much more rotten than the oil stench. Why are things not being done, really, is it beyond us to win this war on terrorism? Why? No logic here.

Wherever else the oil monster use to be "oil was our friend". Not anymore. Everyone want to hit Texas pay dirt, black gold, Texas tea. Now many people and oil companies will be forced to invest in safer forms of energy. Oil should be shelved and not gradually. Today. Look at ourselves drowning like the duckies in oil.

No longer luxuriating in its excesses our excesses are killing us. Time to smarten up and find renewable energy that does not pollute. It is possible. But the oil companies have this vice-like grip around our collective necks. We let them. Nobody speaks up against them. Very few. Why? No logic here either.

Why? You really want to know? Do you? Because nobody wants to deal with the big guys who bully us. I guess people like to be bullied and enjoy putting up with a lot of bullies. Sheeple? Sure looks that way. People do something! You did it many times before, why not now? Too big? is complacency. We are all mugwumps; i.e.; post sitters stuck in the middle of hem and ha.

Soon a new pipe should be installed to not only stop the evil oil but to capture the oil. How can oil be evil? It is something which is an energy source that does not mix well with humans. Oil and humans don't mix. Or shouldn't mix. Maybe in minutae amounts. Not the amounts we see today. And who knows what is happening to the tectonic plates once the oil is removed from inbetween? The earthquake and volcanic activity we see today? Maybe.

After this next oil disaster fiasco; absolutely something must be done to stop this from happening again. Absolutely some new form of legislation must get passed that says no to oil.

Let's hear Obama say "No more Oil rigs that can and most certainly will cause an environmental disaster. No oil production in any environmentally sensitive area such as the Gulf coast, etc. This is the new energy source and it is now in production; in six months we will be totally gridded to these new eco-friendly energy sources." Yes I want to hear this, we all want to hear this if we want to survive. Oil is killing us and our world. Why? That is a case for complicated symantics. For now, we need to stop oil. Period.

Will this ever really happen? Oil will be stopped permanently? If we can see it in our mind's eye I believe it will happen. Our collective intent will make this happen. This is the power of the human spirit. I am sure it will happen, yes it will happen now. Too much has been lost, too much money down the drain. Money being the bottom line; yes it will happen!

A second "relief well" should help; but that's a long wait. HOw much spread will happen, how much more damage estimated? Will this pollute all the way up the east coast as I had heard may happen? How could this ever happen? There SHOULD have been safeguards in place.

Whenever a disaster strikes we learn not to do the same thing the same way again or expect the same disaster. This is definition of lack of thinking; stupidity. We are not stupid so let's not let this EVER happen again! Enough said. A word to the wise is usally sufficient.

I guess they will have to get that free oil somehow? You know how? BP should say if you can stop you can own it. Make other companies come in to help. The tar sands people in Alberta, other off-shore drillers to start drilling NOW. Not in August! Right Now!

Something that is really odd to me is the fact that I have never heard of off-shore oil rigs blowing up. Can someone tell me when this has happened to this degree? Could it be something somewhat anomalous?

Could it be something else going on down there, like earthquake activity that is really a sign of a much more dangerous situation? Could geological engineers of the earth sciences find a way to homostatises or stop the gushing oil. Any other oil gusher we'd be ecstatic.

What about huge hoses to suck it up and store it on a ship, etc. We need to widen the means to solving this problem. Keeping it in BP's hands is not proving to provide quick and reliable answers. Something is not quite right here. Hmmmm...

With he passing of Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider fame and Different Strokes actor Gary Coleman ~ Rest In Peace. Their deaths this month had me pondering how tenacious our grasp on life. Anyone of us called away anytime; no promise has this world on our lives.

This thought came to mind; what happens when people die at the same time, maybe they meet each other and go hand and hand into the next world, be it heaven or whatever. Maybe they enter into another life, their souls merging or remaining separate. This other life, another life-like experience somewhere, another dimension.

Perhaps there is some recall; they remember that they were from this specific place and time, and become fast friends while they look at the aliens from Zurkon.

And as fast friends knowing intuitively, maybe a distant understanding that they knew each other from tv or in the movies, something about their souls was similar to their personage in life. Yes, I think we will meet again, souls become spirit and the spirit of love is eternal. The Spirit of Love; the only constant, the only thing in this world, in this universe which is definitely eternal and constant as the ocean that never sleeps.

One has to wonder how that works if this be the case, something to ponder. However, if we have faith all will recognize each other somehow, the soul has it's own avatar; something recognizable that is not merely physical. And no matter what our appearance; our souls will show and shine for what they are; light of love. And whom we are at that time we will have no doubt. And "ever tear is wiped from our eyes". That will be a glorious day and something to look forward to, not avoided! Build up the spirit, man!

A minute's pause to thank the soldiers for giving their lives for all our freedoms today. Thank-you all Soldiers who protect freedom and honour our lives! Your lives will never be in vain and never forgotten.

Please people; we MUST find successful ways to solve our many problems we face today. It is absoulutely necessary to find these answers. Figuring out problems and their solutions BEFORE they may happen. Problems do not have to happen if we take into consideration all possible outcomes.

Please...Work on these problems please! Much better than putting people in harms way or in significant risk. We need to understand human nature much better than this or we're sunk. It is that simple!

Good thoughts and wishes coming your way today!



  1. Greetings,

    The only way to solve this is to start building vehicles that obtain greater milage and at the same time develop cars that are not dependent on oil but renewable energy. Detroit does not like this, as they have opposed even safety measures like seat belts and anti-lock breaks, and much more.

    Of course the public needs to make a change first before real change can happen on a political and economical level.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Thank-you Egmont for your comment. Really love your blog BTW. Detroit may, as well as other industries the switch to renewal resources, in cars, electricity, etc. Where the buck stops is usually where the problem begins and ends. Wonders who really has the power; government or the big multi-conglomerates business who may not have people and the safety of the world the bottom line. Yes boycotting would work. This means finding those companies who are not actively promoting and creating an oil-switch over to renewable resources and then not buying their products. It has worked in the past; but everyone has to "be onboard" for this method of people enpowerment to work to any effect. Maybe that and a few other ideas? Incentive programs? Give the oil companies money (reduce their taxes) if they conform to the renewable energy. It worked for tobacco farmers by giving them money to plant other crops other than tobacco. Why not?