Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Hand Life Dealt and Spiritual Reality

Delving into the hand life dealt...dealing with the real to make sure one is on the right path and not some sugar-coated fantasy foray like the deluded Stepford Wives. Things can look good on the outside but not be real inside; in the spirit man/woman. Catch my drift?

How can we be real, truly real in a spiritual sense? Real to ourselves and real to others? Feelings are important conduit to the truth but are not the whole truth; yet the spirit does work through these feelings.

Feelings are like a key to unlock the gate to the spiritual world; the oneness of being. Do not be fooled by imitations! "Unto thyself be true" is a wise adage. Do you feel you have become whole in the spirit or is it a partial
state of being whole spirit. How would we know the difference?
We are dualistic in so many ways; whole and part, complete yet incomplete. Would we know this truth? Are we really completed here on this here and now physical plane of existence or not? Why not? Maybe we are and maybe we are not complete in the spirit; maybe we achieve this level after we metamorphize into our spirit being that happens after this physical plane of existence dissolves and becomes one with the spiritual unity of the Universe of Love. Would you know the difference? How?

We must all seek our own individual/seeker pathway(s) to the truth and it is often through much contemplation and meditation. We do not seek untruth. We seek truth. Where is the truth? In the spirit of Love. Many believe this to be true. The spirit of Love is the one truth that is a constant in the universe and therefore must be our eternal souls. Why can we not be 100% in the Spirit now, why can the Spirit of Love be strong enough to wipe out all the inequities we experience here on this physical realm? Answer; we have not united the two worlds as yet. It is possible, highly difficult to obtain by most, and usually only reserved for those who know how to become spirit beings in the here and now. It is possible. It is difficult. It is a gift from the Universe of Love to the guru who finally figured out how to become one with the spirit of Universal Love. Whether or not it is lasting is debateable; however, this usually happens near the end of the guru's existence here on this physical plane; in other words; the physical world sooner or later must be transmuted into the whole spirit of being one with the Universe of Love.

The seeking is definitely transformational; completely whole spirit attainment and someday, eventually, this will happen to all of us; whether we have the "keys" here and now or not. A complete wholeness of spirit not found in this physical world of existence is found in the spirit realm. We want to be whole but we are not whole spiritually, not completely, not yet, anyway.

Hopefully one day when the gap tightens between the worlds of the physical and spiritual and when up the flow of spirit overcomes us all, we will be love. Love will fully envelope our beings with this divine love allowing us to be love. 100% love.

It is not enough to just "be", there is more dynamics in the finding of the true self than just accepting the "status quo". We must find the meaning, the "realness" to life and find the source within; our spiritual being.

Gone is the perfection in this world; otherwise things would be perfected; our spirits would be perfected in the here and now.

We do not walk on water; some may try. Jesus did, some other gurus, teacher did walk on water. Miracles of the spirit are definitely possible; with the intent of the spirit and the gift of the spirit. The outward signs of spirit amazes most when we should see these signs or miracles as part of our being; that part that has been "veiled" from us at this time.

Definitely, some spiritual gifts are obtainable in the here and now, undoubtedly. However, not all can reach this amazing transformation of spiritual here and now.

There is a gap in this physical plane between the physical and the spiritual. At one time they may have existed in harmony; however, in the here and now there is this gap we cannot ignore; even the most spiritually enlightened. There are many things which are not 100% pure spirit; this is disheartening. We cannot ignore this fact, but we can choose to try to be more spiritual here and see what happens; we may be pleasantly surprised to see the gap close between the two worlds and allow a glimpse of nirvana or heaven, paradise, whatever you happen to call spiritual love it is perfection. No gaps; no errors, existing in harmony and joy. We may never be able to understand the depths of this love in the here and now; it may take our metamorphosis from this physical plane to experience 100% the 100% spiritual embodiment we seek.

Can you go directly to the spiritual plain from the physical plain? When and where does this happen? Definitely, gurus have been able to achieve a state of nirvana on this physical plain, however, most must transcend by losing the physical body to become purely one in the spiritual wholeness state of oneness of love in the Universal Constant Love. Love being the only constant in the Universe.

On this plain; in the physical plain of existence we must come to terms that one day we will be wholly transformed spiritually; completely transformed to the spirit body. Until that time we are only ever going to experience a percentage of pure unadultered spirit. It may seem whole and wholly amazing but it is only ever going to be a percentage of the possiblilies to come when we become complete spirit beings. By our transformation from the physical plain to the spirit plane we become the love we seek.

Once we face the realities we face each day on the physical plane of existence (we are NOT transformed to pure spirit yet, and we are lying to ourselves to believe we do transform completely). Yes, we must deal with this issue of being somehow "bound or bonded to the earth; to the physicality which is our immediate existence. For some physical reality is beyond cruel; how can anyone of any spiritual attainment ignore others needs and feel whole? It is not possible.

If we allow spirit to over-ride the physical then we are no longer physical beings WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS. At that time, this transformation becomes part of the essence of our being, and we are complete. Rare is this ability of complete spiritual attainment here and now; if ever, found on this plane, it is fleeting. The next level is 100% spiritual transformation, and it is 100% complete, there will be no physicality on the universe of love plain. No more pain. Just 100% love. No fear; love. Can we even try to imagine this? It may not be possible; maybe for some; for awhile, only awhile however.

How can we be pure spirit beings when our attached bodies find discrepancies in life between spirit and physicality? How can anyone, any spirit or developing spirit accept any injustices in the world today? (as an example). We cannot if we are love; it is an incongruity and baseless. There is no love where there is hate. Those two extremes cannot exist on the same here and now place in time. NO way!

We need to take a meaningful look at how we seek the heart and
soul and ask for any negative feelings to be transformed from the physical imperfection into spiritual perfection. We can await the joy and we can experience the joy in part, here and now. We should actively seek this joy of love wholeness as much as we can. Be aware however, this is not all there is; more, much more is to come! Halleluia!

There is a transformation here; like a spiritual butterfly we emerge spiritually. Purely. Essence we cannot experience to any degree in this physical realm of existence. Our spirits can only hope for the day we have our "unbirthday" and become with this universe of love; where we are unified in love; the only constant in the universe.

We need to experience this world to be transformed; it is painful, like birth pains but on the other side of the cross; on the other side of this life we achieve much spiritual attainment.

Do not fear the pain now or to come; it is growth phase. Any growth is usually painful and seeks to complete a wholeness of spiritual growth.Birth pains, death pains, life pains it seems here and now can be and is, painful unless we close our minds to it, and then, are we real? We are learning here and now. It is necessary our spirits achieve this growth to learn and develop into more complete beings of the completely spiritual kind. Yes, it is painful, some being more sensitive to this pain, some do "shutdown" or "become numb and distant emotionally" as many tend to do, because there is fear of this growth phase.

We cannot be "detached" physically or spiritually without being inhuman, and we must never let ourselves be an island onto ourselves. We need each other to grow. Yet, we need to hold onto our physical selves for awhile yet; we cannot change a thing. It is destiny. And destiny is a learning process.

When we are ready to transform from 100% physical to 100% spiritual; we will. We cannot change this fact, no matter our intent we cannot change something which is not ready to change.

We must wait and try to pursue those qualities of being we believe is real love, even though most can only guess at what is real love. We walk the path others have walk to discover the meaning of "true love". It is compassion for our fellow man/woman. True love is divine as well; and not wholly understood in this physical plain. How can one tell a daisy from a flower. The language not learned as yet.

Once we work through layers of distorted reality; eventually transforming to enlightenment; and 100% understanding of Love. Then we are finally free of the burden of the physical world and become one with the spiritual unity of love. Maybe you just arrived one day at a wholeness of spirit being by osmosis or meditative study. How lucky! Not many have that ability. This is a gift. A spiritual gift from the spirit of love; the one constant in the Universe of Love.


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  1. I learned a long time ago, maybe in another time and place, that reality is where you are at the moment. Everything else is either history or prophecy and some need not distinguish the one from the other because time is meaningless.

    No doubt about it. Your post, today, will have some people thinking.