Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dads! Love Love Love!!!

Happy Father's Day All Dads! The world is so much richer in spiritual blessings because of your

very existence and your very positive mindset because YOU make the world ROCK~ YOU make the

world what it is today; A place to give LOVE, a place to be LOVE, a place to grow LOVE!


This is an excellent way of being. A positive attitude makes a positive world of love. Love can

only know how to make more love, more loving abundance. Love flows from the centre of it all,

and grows and gives, shares, explores, helps, lifts up. We all receive these wonderful benefits

of sharing love and receiving love. As this loving positiveness of souls interfaces interacts,

enables, interconnects, our world now makes sense. Love is the reason why we are here. There is

no other reason. Our world becomes our own when we know how to love and receive love; without

love and the feeling and being of love we are empty souls hoping to know love. Love is our only

salvation; our only hope. Yes, our world is made a better place with each positive thought,

feeling, or energy which is love. Love is all the positive in our world; all the goodness

helping us to carry on through those times when we cannot find the love we need. The sustaining

love is there; for others to share and for us to find. We need love because we are love. Those

who are love-starved as we all are starved for more love; we must always know this; positive

thoughts will attract more love. Love exists there where the focus is love; it is a loving self

-fufilling prophesy. Love makes the world a far better place, and continues to expand, you will

never know the depths of love because it is as large as the universe. We only feel what we can

handle at this time. There is more out there; a gold-mine of love. Time to think positive and

set the seed for the love which wants to flow to you I get this!. Fathers Day Jun 20 2010

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