Friday, June 25, 2010

Magpie #20: Love Found in Dusty Crevices

Longingly wanting her
he caressed her stoney flesh
his instrument a blunt brush
with embellished softness
of soothing camel hair
he softly stroked her back
ever gently
as the goddess soaked in a tub of unguent
all around the sequoia
soft cedar scents wafted to his nostrils
up through the rafters
sage and musk surrounded them
perfumed heaven
passion thrashed
on the forest floor

with expertise of a surgeon
he plunged the instrument
guiding her every move
to be released from her slumber
soon threw down the towel
upon the dampened ground
he could hear clearly
the resounding clinking sound
much cheer and celebration
the doctor hit pay dirt!

the goddess' thighs
resolved and strong
folds of fabric woven
like a jaguar pounces on prey
the goddess' energy
coursed through his veins
her magnificent consistency
of ancient marble or jadite
with concentrated effort
his intentions impressed
a dent upon her flesh
his desires to tame
his claim to become her lover
much more than fame could handle
this ancient goddess of love
awakened anew

as he leaned closer
to hear her soft yet ample moans
through the jungle moss he ran his fingers
her sweet songs of love followed him
pinning him down with great expectations
little did he know
he had resurrected
the goddess Venus

this labour of love
this mother earth
this fertility goddess
a slow belaboured manoeuver
the doctor had found her
he claimed her as his own

Holding onto something tactile
as if everything had ever been
invisible until then
Holding her so close
as to create no seam
seemed so unrealistic
realized the woman of his dreams
the connection had been made
absolutely beautiful
by heaven above

venus could be heard
moaning again the same song
near to the heart dear
close to the heart love
far from the matter of ether
far from this spinning earth
in tatters

this pattern before him appeared
the azurian amulet long lost template
contemplating the power of love
empowered our present form
giving reason to the meaning
All is Love
thus nuturing souls of those departed
other caring hearts crying for attention
for always it has been, it is never done
no matter the weather, love tenders all

With all of Love's renewed strength
Resolves the conflict of rotted flesh
Restores the desire of our hearts
soon bestowed
upon us this
renewal of Spirit
riches untold

what we have found today
after digging in the dirt
removing the many layers
meted out our truth

Venus' destiny
Her spirit designs
we are to find
after that time
plus time and a half
maybe we will find
our long lost souls
at last

a secret garden wish
a present moment in time
freely given
every minute
refined instrumentation
death defying
a coarse brush with life
maybe reinacting
maybe projecting
futures' past
living is our present
a gift Divine

letting go of yet unknowns
the past
no longer
no bitter regrets

brushing off these splintered atoms
many eons of long gone stardust
memories of years of
the beginning of time
not the key in which we find
those things which complete our soul
take the soil from the toil
the truth found in the recoil of tales
the serpents tale unspun
rewound to stop
spin of the records
the key unlocked the gate
the mystery unfolds not too late
all is in the key of g
g for goddess
the muse of love
my love is whole
the goddess foretold

digging much deeper
than one can possibly go
a lonely old man
and his lonely old soul

archeologists ponder
anthropolgists wonder
this philosopher's stone
somewhere in time

those whose ancient's designs
those whose enlightened souls
those whose embrace the Spirit
awoke the hidden secrets
held captive for years
in these intrinsic cairns
echoes from the mountain tops
shout it out
Love is all there is
why fool yourself?

life's eternal love song
captured forever in glistening stone
where we exist forever and nevermore
is the heart of the matter
where nothing matters
cause matter is nothing
the song of love is all there is
as we become one
we live on love

blowing freely
willowy fronds
seeding love on our earth
as She feeds our world
Mother Gaia
here where we are
in this time
this essence of a moment where
all our new tomorrows

Venus de Milo Louvre Paris France (image courtesy Wikipedia CC license)

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  1. Woah! That's a poemnovel!

    'Soft cedar scents' is delicious.So many good lines and what a story!

    'Love is all there is ,why fool yourself?'

    Why indeed!

  2. smiles. a very evocative had me wondering there for a nicely done...

  3. So many beautiful phrases and fine lines - a truly enjoyable read!

  4. Of course I loved "willowy fronds"!!

  5. Your Magpie and the lovely music that accompanies it ~ wonderful!!!

  6. the scents and textures you created with this piece is amazing! Beautiful use of words and imagery to create depth. Great magpie!