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JIM CARREY'S AMAZING RIGHT EYE; Transforming the "Wait State": Being Alert to The Present:

Both speakers; Carrey and Tolle were breathtaking! Carrey's belief that there is this "awareness of thinking" taking him beyond thought to a an understanding that "You are the Universe"is a feeling that is so amazing you want to go back there; to find it, to take others to that place. "The gate is narrow" there is a way to get there; ... See Morethe methods to be discovered in Tolle's expansion on this state of alert presense" which "what we want to happen" to bring us to an evolving spiritual consciousness or, we will die as humans. We (collectively) have the power to be "totally concious in the power of "presense". I'd like to expand on this; I think we can turn the constant "here" (such as the sun) into an alert presense of here using all our collective powers and latent energy stores. To be present in the here is powerful because "I am choosing" to be present here and now. Right now! This now is all there "Is" (Your "isness"!). I have a question; "What about dreams? Are they trying to synchronize our merging into this "STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is like Carlos Castaneda's "second attention" learned from the powerful Yaqui native socerers? What power can we "conjure" by using all the forces brought together in this way is truly mind boggling it is spiritual evolution! Zowie...Howie? ps I LOVE THIS!

About Jim Carry's Eyeball on his website "Home" page; OMG!

The eye; like a Big Banger to come; is expecting and reacting. The eyeball is an experiencer. Experiencing Jim Carrey's unique Universe. The pupil is turned away from me looking at something to the right of the screen (actors point of view; stage right).

The colour of Jim Carrey's eyeball; amazing Amozonian mixed with tiger magic and glistening undulating spots of spiritual energies emanating from within the core of JC's core.

Those glistening spots are key; they are charged. They respond to something going on within this internal dimension; but as yet unknown etymtology (sp?). Anyway, it is at the same time frightening and reassuring that something is indeed going on in there. There is a state of "alert presense" as per Eckhardt Tolle. Understand this I say to myself. Ok.

Jim's eye is olive green variations in spiral with the colours going outward from the pupil. That dark gamma reversed world of the wholeness of hole and back again. How many times did this happen to us. We are all like this; we all have this inner outer eye button which is like a door knocker on the doors of perception.

Hmmmm...The Burrnt umber copper surround of the eye cornea is amazing and I am sure that someone who knows Iridology would be able easily decipher the hidden health code there. I have a friend....and I feel he could help Jim but Jim to me is powerful and weak at the same time; like all of us there is this vulnerability and this amazing power. The power always wins. It is our physical nautre which is the illusion. But we still must honour our physical world here and now for it is inseparable and it is "here". We need to assimilate these inter-connecting dynamic worlds and achieve astate of unity. Somehow. How? Method please? Does E.T. hold the key? Hmmmm...

FULL AWAKE LOCKED AND LOADED the eyeball cries for something to happen or it just happens. Whatever. I cant wait to see something happen; but nothing is happening. Not yet anyway.

The blood shot whites of the eyes with secret coded messages concerns me, however.

those cryptic messages are more and more appearing (reminds me of a Xmas song). Hmmm..Jim Carrey reminds me of Xmas too. I use to think writing Xmas as Xmas was a sin. NOw I find "X'x" are ok. Great.

Those cryptic notes I will try to decipher. Not so easy I see a "B10 CR" in one segment of the left white part (what's that called again?). Also there is this other codex at the bottom left quadrant of the whites of the eyes it is odd too; "Gmm". I thought it had something to do with BP perhaps as it looks sort of like "BP". Not sure. What do you think. Observations please! Jim Carrey's eyeball is a crystal ball; foretelling the future in the present; how can you figure that? You cannot. You let it be, mon. You let it be. It IS. It is a state of "Isness" (Thank-you Ray Ash). Anyway...What is this an eye anatomy lesson? JIM!!!

So...anyway, the eyeball PULSES with the movement of the eyelid and eyesocket area, as if Jim Carrey (at Home) is really always blinking or wanting to blink. (Oh yah, he can't blink because he is an actor). Oh, I see...

The whites of the eyes codex is really interesting I will go back and look again to see if more codes are being left. Hold on...

EGAD...just looking at it shocked me. Gave me a fright like I did as a kid when I use to see President Kennedy in my closet. (long story). Well I guess we just will have to learn to deal with JC's adrenaline rush. I have to. The left over residuals of the chemical that is excreted into my system; the hydrocortisols is not pretty; giving me a bad case of acidocity. Acidosis?

Anyhoo...about JC's eyeball. Back to the Ball. On the Ball. Benny and The Ball. Balls! Jim Carrey has nice "ball". Does the other feel shunned, thwarted, by lack of attention; lack of stardom. NO! I am sure it (JC other eyeball) could not give a fuck.

Ok here am again. I feel like Jane Lynch when she said the C word on Youtube. Shocking. JC is it ALL for the shock value. What is with the shock effect in Hollywood. It reminds me more of Niagara Falls when I use to go to the wax museun with my grade four class and notice the chamber of horrors room in (where else) the basement and there was this really scary scene of and Iroquoi scalping a poor white dude. Why must this happen. Why can we not have homeostasis. We would not achieve the "highs" then? Things would be dull. And maybe dull leads to the big bang?

But it did appear somewhat retracted to me; the eyeball. Retracted and held within this Gamma inverse world to be reversed later in it's white eyeball black of the eye reversal switch that happens when we go through the black hole phase of the Gamma inversion every how many years Len?

Anyway, the pupil looks like the Universal portal. Not Universal Studios (thanks to Jack Warner). I feel that Hollywood is so close, and yet so far. There are these odd synchronicities I'd like to talk about. That is for later. For now we are on the topic of Jim Carrey's amazing Right Eye.

I am anticipating great things to come with the eyeball that looks like it could implode. All our eyeballs could implode AT THE SAME TIME. We wouldnt know it. Would we? Imagine feeling going through something like that. We would die of shock. In this sense thank goodness for the less than real; the imaginary world of dreams.

Go Raw or Go Home. (oh that's another Jim Carey; with one "r". From the same place where my kin is from; I so love you guys!

I anticipate great things; I know it! I feel it!


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  1. Loved your comment on Jim Murdoch's blog.

    I had read about Jim Carrey's involvement with Tolle and 'the now.' Pretty interesting. Your stream of consciousness about the eye - Hmmmmm.