Monday, June 28, 2010

Gathering Around The Table Grabbing Some More Awake State: Monday Morning

feeling disposed
like a broken crown on a sad lonely clown
Monday Morning awakens
a fleeting need to get on top of the day
and make it mine like a conquerer
conquering Mt Olympus
Or I can sit back and have a tea
reflect back on the week that was
slowly awaking up to this I know not
which seems far removed from my being
which is still caught in dreamland
doing what?
pretty much action
a lot of action
as I battle nightly these battles
and save the world for another day
that is all?
you'd think I'd have it all
together by now

in my opinion, weak tea
To be strong or to be weak
at times we need to be both
or wreak havoc with the nature
that is our lot

To be hard or to be soft
that is the questions
as a lot of Psychologists ask
or seem to ask
too many questions
asking what
on too many questionaires
we have a way to make Monday Mornings
a smooth transition
or anyday that feels like Monday Morning
be it Saturday or Tuesday afternoon

one must fill er up
to the top of the cup
fill in all that and
the lack of and
that of too many cracks

the cosmic egg did crack
we fill in the silly putty
let it loose like lucy goosey
that silly goose
knew the meaning and the reason
for taking it easy
and letting it be
just letting it be
To Be
That is the question and the answer
What happens when you let it be?
The peace that passes all understanding
is allowed to flow
the reserves that are held back for far too long
in the ebayance drawer

like light being let in to the soul
this Power of Love
Brings forth out of the darkness
a golden soul light
a sunshine dream
streaming in to fill
and to fling the curtains
wide open
breath in the fresh air
of a new day
with the hope that all we are now
is enough to sustain us
as ever be
was once upon a time
is now still here within our beingness
so much happiness
can we contain it all?

in the shape of a heart
this glowing ember of love
let it in, trickle in slowly
as we awaken the beauty that is within
caught on the physicality
to be made more
in the image of love
than anything we can imagine

slow down and breath
you dont have to keep up with
the rat race
or goals are really gaols (jails)
keeping us locked up and bound to
ways of being
ways of seeing
ways of allowing the
Power of Love
to flow into every corner of the Universe
and flood the mind body and soul
to make Whole
the Spirit of Love
the Power of Love
One and the Same

a certain way of being
when your being is...
what is the being?
In the Beginning there was the Being
sounds Spring-y!
and New
so New
it is wet under the ears!

Being is just "Be"
The moment...
when the moment today is so categorized
into so many parts per gogaplex
infintismile infinitum
and in the middle?
Our being holding these two worlds
on a string!
Being String!

so just WAKE UP AND be on THIS monday morning
be what you are in all your gloriousness
because glory does not shine on itself
it shine everywhere and includes everything
there are no parts in Be
it is ONE

and glory shones and shines always all around
as shone is shine a minute ago
pick it up and bring it to your heart
put it in there and lock the door
you have gained this beingness of livingness energy now!
this energy of glory
all we are forever
we do not die
this energy is a constant source of these
two worlds of infinitismile and infinite
they feed the constant and so charge it
and you need to charge up too
your body with exercise
and energizing food
your world an you know now the energy you need
to sustain yourself
and give back to others this needed source

it is a monday morning recharger
you are one fine charger
the power to make good things happen
this energy
just so on the edge of these two worlds
small large almost nothing and then bang!
cant be nothing!

Love Power
Peace Power
How can these forces be more powerful than anything else?
how would we know the difference?
Focus and Intent
The gate is narrow on Monday morning
so you just open it up
and let it in
The Love
The Glory of Love
That is All Around
Wanting to hold you
hug you
tell you
would you and me and we know it?
would we just be thinking the next moment as semi-tangible
holding on by a string
caught between here and nowhere
sleeping in a dream
wanting to return to the state
of One
of Love

In our Monday Morning
semi-transparent obscurity
thinking only on the one way on the one way track
we look back
we look forward
we barely can stand here
without a prop
we grab something
like a coffee or tea
to reboot our beingness in the now that seems blurred
from being unbeing
from being another being in another universe
same soul
different body
the interfacing of these worlds
many worlds
many thoughts
all at once
in the now
what does that do to NoW
To the Tao?

are we mindful?
are we prayerful?
did we think that what the heck am i doing here
did we feel today; what? ugh?
or ahhhh! A new Day to make whatever way I can
Can we?
All dreams are possible...if you can dream them
you can be them
for what purpose other than to self-aggrandise
WHAT is this? Narcissism? Me? Never! I Share my good dreams with others
But if I do will they come true?

Focus on others as they struggle too
get away from the inner focus only
focus intent and love in others direction
being unselfish is better than being selfish
give what you can when you can and remember
sharing is what we do
we give back and forth in an electron exchange
electrons without this interaction would become static
and that just messes the hair

Am I selfish? Am I narcisstic?
I doubt it or I wouldnt question it
I would humbug that question
thinking oh, I am too good for this line of questioning
and just carry on...
but I question my intent
am I selfish?
Why would I be?

Maybe self-preservation?
Or lack of social cohesiveness
or something somewhere that went amiss
and selfishness is a reaction to a lack of understanding
of what may have happened a long time ago
when I felt something deep in my heart
that felt...this is not the way I want things to be
but what can I do?

Focus on that...focus on the reason why things did not go
the way they should...focus on the feeling and find
that those feelings were not what you wanted to feel
but they made you deeper and richer in feeling
knowing you have learned the depth of positive and negative
emotion as both tend to balance one another
but know also that you have a choice
how you choose to feel and be
and no one can make you be who you are not
because your soul has more integrity
and more power of love
than we will ever understand
heals all wounds and past pains
like a flood of love pours out upon the heart
washing away the pain and hurt from those emotions
that tend to want to destroy all the good there is
when focus is placed upon

so our selfishness could be a reaction
to protect ourselves from loosing
The Power of Love
Not being able to maintain the consistency
The Power of Love
in all our dealings
but we realize
this is not a perfect world
we are human
we make mistakes
we correct them
to balance
Power of Love
which is
waivering on this plane
the gate is narrow
and we need to

so dont worry if you may tend to at times
grandstand or say without thinking
and may not fully mean what you say or do
this tearing away from the Power of Love
as the Circle Continues
and there is this moment in time
when we have to get off the merry-go-round for a minute
because there is the gate and it is coming up and it is narrow
and I have to jump right at this particular moment...

sO dont worry about anything
the purposeless we feel when we are not focused
on the objective...
which is...
this monday morning?
Are you kidding?
I am so focused on
I own Monday!

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