Thursday, December 12, 2013

Far Above the Clouds the sky borrowed Venus' birthing bowl, a shell she shoved down while the sun bowed it's fiery head..and lacey curtains or crocheted tablecloths with perfect wing chairs; we left the place with it's shellac'd wings it's sublime to the spirit in the sky, so upward- heavenly bound to hold sway we looked up; we felt the trouble coming the low rumble, the bass jumped up flapped and yaw, for there, were more agains..the movement was the rocked earth effacing the wall that held back the bleak night held tight by too high breaker walls; we'd eventually was for our souls which stood ready to fly free still ..surrounded by illusion which grounded us to earthen soil; a comfort to locate this unbridled energy in a place setting we the pure vessel-.of limitless sky-born earth...endless bits blown across vast red-orange so intense you could taste iron or sanguine; these dreams dissolved into a fullness of light' an electric-body resurrection~

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