Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prosiac Tuesday Dreamt of Dreams to Come

the night's soft musk and smokey effect
makes me feel so smooth and warm
and it is no wonder
the warmth inside!
you are the softest member to join the tribe most tender
gently lover on the planet of dreams that become surreality
so let me hang onto this dream awhile as the puffs
of helium-filled clouds outside my door
floating like sculptural pieces
waiting for me to push them gentle away
so I can see forever and the dream
it is a dream of you and me
I feel your presence there

of this and the forever lasting
exactly right now on cue
lets push past the stuff of fluff
put away the feelings of frozen-out
just push it off, push it away!
now I'm back in touch again!

as the spinning centre of the earth just floats
timeless endlessness
never to alight or assign a personification of imagination
I am you in my dreams
and upon my dream-forms of to become
something I thought up and not some
an Irish tempest in a teapot type of nightmarish beast
we can be ours for awhile, you know...
hours the while...make it last...
it is the last hour

if only I'd didn't have to wake up
and claim the nitty gritty grunge
but always live with you in mind
and his heated tender touch
maybe I'd push out another dimension for ya
but we're just getting use to 3D
push away the past and heavy cloudiness
the damn undesirable weightiness
we were not meant to be
this stalking out of our harmoniness
causes me the dreaded wake
as I feel the shaking underfoot
thought it was my heart that was giving up

although it did look like an all nighter
we certainly did burn that oil
heavenly sent you are!
but so abruptly
called away to this meddling furnace of a near-miss hell
or a meowling cat in heat in the basement reminding me
I havent got any more eggs for Easter
and so would the explosion be any less
now that the twilight years have come upon me
sucking the lifeblood right out of me
do you too need a heart?

as the howling of the Georgian bay's wild dogs reminds me
it wasn't that long ago that the wolf barked at my door
looked poverty in the face!
in fact it was only yesterday
now how can I keep at bay the return to those days
and today it's getting louder than the day before
return to Harmony! A place not far from Allenwood
just put your lips together and hum!

if there is a dry eye in the house
(and there never is)
let him come here
we've got some yakking to do
there is nowhere else to go so please,
I implore again, please stay here
try to walk a moment in my Canadian Tire Mukluks
linger longer by the water; it is cooler
I'll have to buy some inebriated on tap
make believe a snow bear prancing here and there
whipping up cold ice sheets
sheets to the wind and Frigidaire air
having to go out in the wee nip
that soon burns like fire
as faces turn like bloody red than bluish numb and then become
fall off like meltdown
permanently etched you know the father of the north
has a blueish hue
and although there's magic in the twinkling of the snow
it's only when the sun plays games with this element
but when the sun is hidden and the blast from the northernmost
isolates come our way
the element of frozen woolly mammoths lands
return by way of pack-ice fields larger than Detroit
that way like what happens to balladeers
who was light in the foot
and may have the first name Gordon
i'd rather stay home with you an imbibe
Play with the elements not a board game
feel the rush of warmth return to my face
smooch marshmallows over your face
and feel the licks of the wind on bare places
if only for a moment, the rush would soon subside
but I'd be in heaven once more
if for only a moment
and that's all I need really
and so it seems I've been given
a short shrift in a snowdrift
packing heat in the way of hand warmers
I'm no short change artist
who wishes
a return to innocence
a place so vast it is becoming unknown


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