Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Find the Romantic Poet Within One Must "Try To Remember"

For Pearl

Midnight's heavy
lidded sleep
Awaken; My love;
from the deep

Azure skies
being to unfurl
Today; the dawn;
a shiny new pearl


Awake My Love

Awake my love
to stolen kisses

These are my fervent wishes

Awake my love
to soft and tender caresses

These are my flowing tresses

Awake my love
to the glory of you and me

These our sweet dreams we set free



  1. I think the last line would sound better "Our sweet dreams, these, we set free..." Whatdya think?

  2. For I have struggled all my life
    I seen so much torment and strife
    But realized I was going the wrong way
    Enlightened Now I did not stay
    So I went the other way as I make
    I am Now in the center of reality as I am Awake

    enjoy my Dearest chiccoreal(+)
    Dom* ;) xoxoxo---[--@

  3. Beautiful Thank-you for your wonderful poem Dom! Being "in the center of reality as I am Awake" is so very important! It all plays out in the "now" which is the "be" I believe!