Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magpie #52 The Lonely House

I'd see the same house everyday on the bus
Twice a day, five times a week, without much fuss
There I'd watch the family like a story; telling
Coming and going, walking, picnicing, yelling
To and fro, I'd see them wearing all kinds of dress
I'm thinking all is right with the world, I guess

Then one day, I noticed something that struck me rather odd
The blue car in the driveway was missing, where is Todd?
I'd named each person, the Mother was Jill, Dad was Wills
A few days later a real estate agent named Jonathan Mills
Today a sad reminder, a tragedy of sorts it did seem to me
A "For Sale" sign; my imaginary family gone; no longer to see

Now when I go to work each day
I want to look the other way
I can't help but wonder why I fuss
As look out the window of the bus

My mind plagues with silent questions like how
Would they get along without me to pray
No one to care as they go about on their way
But only I can hear me now as from the bus I depart
As I recreate the daily reinactment; where's the heart?

Could this family be like me on my city route
like rare squirrels unbeknowst scurring about
Once again the pushout window shows the house
The loves of my life; could they still be intact?

The family, like me, are they sad and lonely for this old house
Now I sense missing time; the lost memory moon and the sad lil' mouse
On the road less travelled by some there comes a fork, I'd rather spoon
To the the unknown places to find fame and fortune it wouldn't cost much
Or have they all found their heaven home and finally found gold to touch

Who really knows, I know I never shall
As to who knows where goes that guy this gal

Could it have been a number of factors unseen maybe I'm guessin'
What about the little girl; is she still taking dancing lessons?
Or did the Father make or take too many financial risks?
The Mortgage Collapse, or did the Mother have a trist?

Is the son still playing rugby and smoking in the backyard?
Is Granny still baking cookies that make my mouth feel like lard?

Did Father or Mother lose a job or two or three
Who knows what's up or down in the new economy
Or was the family a victim of some sort
With ambulances blaring and a police escort

In some way; I'm sure there's been a family breakup
Hopefully not an unknown disaster, not just missing makeup

Maybe there is some good news; a lesson to be learned
A lottery win, a dream job, maybe it's time for their turn
And in the best of scenarios I now see it quite clear this game
Travelling round the world in 80 days with Old Auntie Mame!

This house today is sitting alone and lonely a lot like me too
Although it appears so steadfast, a place that will never move
This Lonely House barks like a dog for its master's return
All life, like this house is a moveable feast ready to be spurned

So quick to dissolve each thing we see
And people too come and go like come and go tea
So there I watch from my perch upon the bus
Sputtering thoughts that collect like bookcovers full of dust

All these zipping images once made sense just go bye-bye now
Where did these connected moments once found, now lost, go?
As quick to fizzle like the wick of a spent candle
So fleetingly the torment the passing hour's handle

Our thoughts soon so forever lost like garbage; gone poof
Dreams of our past seem not to be recycled; just tossed

Yes time flies; it seemed like just seconds, not minutes, a few moments ago
My family that I watched from my moving seat how I wish I had just said hello
As I had once viewed them fleetingly yet lovingly from afar
Thinking in my own insular world it's all about them; I'm not the only star

As life so hurriedly buzzed and whirled like the busy bees' ocean
Twirling and dazzling, dine and dashing, this is life in constant motion
The house now silent, once I could hear the smallest of pins drop
Mow it seemed that everything had been so suddenly told to stop

Once a bustling place full of spontaneous laughter
Joyous clowning and much happy smiling after
This lonely house now suddenly slumps; where's the frivolity?
What happened to the bricks once stalward solidarity?

Now I sense something that is really rather odd
Today the grass that had grown green tall, fresh sod
Was always mown at least once every week now flops
Now the other shoe on the telephone line suddenly drops

Weeds are growing where flowers use to be
All life refuses just to be, so it seems by me
And like a bad b movie unreeled and unfurled
A sad lonely house in my sad lonely world

Like the good green earth one day, to stand still?
Where in the world am I going to go to get a cheap thrill?
It's gone like the family's yesterdays
Half-eaten and frozen tv dinner trays

My family may be gone but never ever forgotten
It's my wish we'll be together with candycotten

The lonely house is much like me it seems
Where's my family? Where are my dreams?
I can't bear to hear the house now that it cries muffled and masked
"The house must be a she" I said "Only love ever lasts"

I know now just what to do, definitely I think I should, I must
This is me the seat squeaked uncomfortably, I felt I want to go wherever or bust
It could have been the other rider by the side door that was a mess
I asked as I peered to get a looky see what's in store; I would guess

My little family made me so happy they'd laugh each day oh just to see them again
This little house on this modest street; once a shiny and sparkling gem times ten

It is time to say my said sad good-bye
As of today although I just want to say Hi
Hello to The Lonely House which echoes my sentiments
We all know we've got to one day let go of attachmemts

As the Lonely House says in a low mounful moan
Speaking up for itself at last in a very sad tone

They don't
They won't
They shant
They can't

They don't live here anymore
for all I know
they've all gone to war!



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    ps all photos unless otherwise stated are the propriety of Magpie Tales which are kindly borrowed from Willow's Manor Tess Kincaid! Thanks Tess!

    Happy 52 Bloganniversay! "Has it been a year already?" How time flies! Good times! Learned a lot too! HeeHee!


  3. I can picture that family, and the person on the bus.

    Keep writing.

  4. Aaw, poor little house. Millions just like it, in this terrible mess of an economy and people who need a home and can't have one.

  5. So sad...we had neighbours that enjoyed our company for many years as we both had our houses built near the same time in 1980....when it came time for them to move do to a death of the husband's mother he was forced to move on by taking care of his home he grew up with due to his sister staying there and maintaining it...besides that he was a full time fireman in that city he grew up in, Albany, N.Y., so it was easier for him to be next to his place of employment instead of living in the suburbs....I miss him and his wife as we had so many great times going out to eat and movies before we had my daughter 23 years ago....enjoy my Dearest chiccoreal...this was a great poem of sentiment in it(+)
    Dom* ;) xoxoxo---[-@

  6. oh yeah, reality is like that, Glad that we can write it out and add some icing to our life.

    beautiful poem.

  7. I'm a-hopin' it was a lottery win.

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