Friday, February 25, 2011

Chiccoreal's Romantic pOeMs

watch our Temples burst with Sweet nectar
love flies past to reache our common sector
ready Nike, who so willing and more than able
to come to the fine dining room table
our dramatic romance, headless one, let's dance
and display our vivid luminosity our stupor'd trance
the hanging bower of flowers submit
to the humid breezes remit
freely releasing the scented essence to recover
ours to discover these two lovers from cover to cover
in aloes she rose to the mystics hidden alcoves in May
Lotus bloomed in profusion an aromatic feast today
fountains gurgled soft water music as windchimes lightly sound
echoing the orchestration through the country to downtown
in fitfull throes the artistic armours heat their hearts of passion
spontaneously throwing red paint at primed canvas in savage fashion

pining to hold within her arms
the flesh cries touch me til I'm warm
feeling alive for the first time or so
a connection she made lost long ago
now this long face of a pillow would not be silent buffering
as quiet as the dead in their muted suffering
silent tears still stayed part of her fine patina

overstuffed once and with downyheaded desiring
when did our tables turn; love was never tiring
when did yours become something other than mine
what hour of the day did your turn your head in kind
Could you do it my way by way of an all day fantasy ride?
when you walked past me so abruptly, so quickly the tide?
to breakup instead of bringing bakeoven bread to the masses?
certainly I did want to try those fine tasting wares possesses
my neck kept turning as you walked up the stairs which were out of bounds
spiralling out of control I cried out in agony dont leave me alone hounds
what spin doctor, the silent treatment operation of such a lengthy duration
did you not Figure out that we are lost withou the magic 8 configuration
reconstructured by perpetual motion machines and flying goddess figurines
reconstituted orange juice and other things create a constant transfiguration

in the upper reaches great heights for you I touched base
which stood as high as the highest height on Mt Ararat's face
which had wound its way all the way to the divine mountain top
around the colliseum around the partheneon it took time to stop
all the way around the whole world you flew
to hold me close to your heart this i knew!

our hearts must not breaked a sweat
must keep up the pace
keep it coming love
keep it commonlaw
matrimonial bliss
dwell on the aspects of smelling salts
as I feel resigned to feel faint
never feined or faked
swoons you know you do it for me
as I awaited by the beach to smell the ocean full of fine swells
but take away the heartache each day from the willow tree bark
a pill to hold between your legs when you forget you use to do this
a relief from the pain of days and nights without you
each day is a gift I'm grafting more "u's"
by the power that compells me this day at the River of Joy
conjoined in this way classic music a must
as the guitarist plays his heart on strings
through the night
as the morning sun-played light on the golden hills
this is our morning of our infinity
to come

speak of those sweet things then repeat them when necessary never stop

that propel me to feel our unity as a thought

our hearts tears were jagged then
now full of paradise
pineapple and green coconut milk
the tribe spears this nectar
how refreshing a renewal of sunburst energy

as the waterfall flows out in
ever searching for the green coconut milk
first appeared in cashmere
chambers of don juan
and cloches entrances
shadows whisper our pleasures
our image plainly silhouetted
remind us soon

held close to my chest my lover's head

walked steadily and determinedly up the hill
ready to partake in the festivities heard there
staring dreamily away a moment to reflect
our eyes held the unearthed secrets
a dance en pointe
pinpoints of dots plunged through the deep
to meet us
for our
stellar brilliance
illuminated and made merry
every evening

over a bottle of memories
dark as night his eyes
the stars active
a role in all this
played their magic
a spell until conjuncture
a tug upon the strings
returned a bevy of beauties; treasures all
beyond knowing reason or rhyme
sweet pomegrantes and heady citrus
Castille baths in iron filligree tubs
fresh sxents were everywhere

a pungent purity as fresh as my lover's breath
long lost chilvary returned to find melady
Spanish eons of legions love captured
in the brief burnish red silken cord
attachment to infinity
on my finger he left me an invisible ring
which shone indigo blue-violet



  1. what a romantic way of expressing oneself so deeply in I can feel your heart is so opened in writing these poems as it can be almost seen as well..such a beautiful thing when the heart is touched with such Love as it truly real...enjoy my Dearest chiccoreal(+)
    btw I communicate on SKYPE with a woman from Yerevan Armenia and out her office window where she works she can see Mt.Ararat...;)

  2. Dear Dom: Thank-you my kind man! Yes, I believe I am in Love. I do not question love, nor possess it. I have learned to do this would make the magic disappear and Id be left alone again! However, as much as I need to find that soulmate to activate my soul, I know that since the soulmate is alwys there, I just don't have to do this anymore. In other words I am enough in the unity of Love! Oh yes! ps Thank-you...Mt Ararat just "popped" into my head...a Holy Mountain! Biblical! yES! i like stream of consciousness as per the surrealists, a per Salvador Dali and other's writings...Rumi too! I need to read more of the GReat Spainish writers as I am there right now, mystically speaking!