Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magpie #54 "The Missing *****"

The landscape looked like lock down
askew I knew not what
Now I ask you!
Transformational gestalt
or Gestational generations
disassembled constructs
and piecemeal hash
sameday semblance of disorder
thought provoking rebellions
thoroughly revolutionary

Our page is still stuck on freeze
stop-start stark realism

into blight the slathering fungal trees
belch bubbles a bloated oasis of decay
the musing was our missing time
with only our infirmary into this infinity
lined with nonsense lines
withdrawn by shadows
by censors too bored to push pen
cast from the absinthe of malice vase
the vacationing vacancy rate plummeting
hot air blew from the sun's mouth
the moon shouting "Unfair!"
crestfallen new mown snow barely there
grappled with grappling hooks
hang in there baby!
in the woolly and wobbly dessert
reverse image camels
in the air the whirligig birds ate their words
and Cocoa Puff came back to roost on the tower
"Kaw Kaw KoKoPuffs!"
the search was over
the woods like the words showed up dishevelled
amid the ganglion spectators
everything seemed irrelevant
"avoid the void at all costs!"
who withdrew their offer
they brought to the table?
a decaying sort of shelf life anyhow
not half as many shrewd shrews showed up
all was not well
steady as ever, steady as she goes
save for gaunt mirrored image self
left on the selfless place
EGO-free for 50 days

no new slaves for the new age
piped in detachment by demand
the opiate of the people
giving little room for error
leaving even less for success
for the waving waning masses
blessed by hexes
hoaxed by false oaths
and little red rooster boxes

the pieces certainly
fell into place
when you were there
where did you go?
when did you go?
here's the steeple
where's all the people?

the puzzle of the 10,000 missing
the people pulled together
put back the fallen down and bent space
then there was always the grotty issue
the shallow well
definitely bats and belfry
an incongruity here

Nobody Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Neither does Alice or Bob
so what does it all mean doc
they'll be back?
they'll do it?
who knows! if only one from the other
who knew each very well or some other
they weren't meant to be bent while making it
not fitting in
nor filling in
the ceiling low on cement and brain cells
toppled out on top of the carnage
but not completely unhinged either
one missing piece left to save
The Missing Piece eternal
Most Confidential!

While in the Bend
The 70's Coffeehouse
Mateus Bottles alight with old flames
all the multi-colours of the rainbow
and good arch-angel lighting
dripping wax their faces of coloured wax
melting onto the corrugated page
scribblers blotter at largess
yes that is all it would take
in the wake of madness

kicked up dust
our old familiar
and dirty snotty faces
glitches laid traps
we as Trappist monks
in our search for self

trample of combat boots
rustle of silk taffeta organza
black ops art department
wed LOVE and WAR
with cut and paste trigger-fingers
hid the pieces coyly guys
while out and about and away
the hours you droned
humming in my ear
like an all-day buzz
whittle away life down to nothing
these the bare bare bones
somethings bound to go Ka-Boom soon!
countdown T minus 30 minutes
and counting

Photograph courtesy Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales blogspot
Visit this above site to learn how to read and write (or read and write) or BOTH!!!It is all about becoming LITERATE (somewhat)...SO please imbibe the vibe and Enjoy!



  1. Interesting, stunning images, grand depth... thank you for sharing this.

  2. This is impressive. I will have to come back and read this again. It deserves more time than I have now. Well done!

  3. That was some heavy duty thinking. It does deserve more than one reading. My first impression is decades of humanity's decline.

  4. You've got some fabulous word images here, Chicco. Nice!!

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