Friday, January 16, 2009

can we control the Creative Process?

Control is not very creative. Control is limiting. Creativity is UNLIMITED. We dont want to fool ourselves, CREATIVITY is borrowed from our INTERNAL CREATOR. Yes, we carry the LIFE FORCE CREATOR, that eternal entity (God) within us, to barf forward all that within. All that we have known, all those memories, known and unknown.

BF? Bring Forward, Barf Forward, you know, regurgitate. We regurg all that we are, all that we learn, all that we want, need, etc. We got to get it out, we got to let it flow, and IT wants OUT. All that we are and keep within eventually will OUT. That creative thing. We want to get it out of our beings for some reason. We just don't sit on it. Sit on it! haha!

Sitting on it, or Control, is like being constipated. Our bodies want to eliminate old product. We want to continue...and discard. We are refining ourselves. What we want to refine, creatively, we have that ability. We get to choose between AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF POSSIBLE VARIABLES what we want to create or have and hold if only momentary as in a Brief History of Time. All too briefly, considering the dimentional dynamics of deep space. It is huge out there, isn't it, yet it isnt big enough to explain how similar everything is, how we have all these synchronicities happening (studying this see my articles of Synchronicity), similarities, sharing, and again those many 6 degrees of seperation which make us all experience a similar construct or gestalt or collective unconscious. You see an apple similar to me. I may experience from my perspective and experience that apple a slightly bit different. But that is ok! We need those variations of sameness (the apple) in order to appreciate the expanding universe and the various pathways to the inifinite. Does this make sense?

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