Monday, January 12, 2009

Ejecting Rejection

Everytime we were rejected
told we were not loved
or felt we were alone
and therefore unloved

We would remember
what happened to us
what happens to us
is the big picture
we have no contol
only an assembly of chaos
created by whom

trying to create a life
out of what we were/are
mirror viewrear
we have come
full circle
into this sphere
we have here

i knew i was all that
only to be told i wasnt
not to be that destiny dream
artificial artiface
fronted by another's plan for me
artificial constructs
made with the tribe's consent
woebegone place
for the lone
foot soldier

Today I have regained an understanding
of all that went before
the dreams, schemes and flying machines
of a thousand nights errant
people of pull
those managers all
consented to remove
a piece of me
piece by piece
for some reason
i was a disgrace

Or there was another in the wings
that held the place
of high esteem
the bride of frankenstein
a monster herself
looks inward
at scars
that won't disappear

the fray is behind me now
i know now how
all these things were made to work
like mr big's clockwork
not so positively (i thought)
for me
but maybe the need
was greater than the want
and I wanted to need you

questions remain
(they always will)
as to the reasons
of rejection
i have my theories
of rejection
i wouldn't have done that to you
of rejection
i didn't leave
of rejection
say it ain't so
you do love me still
and you always will
this i do know

Just wish i could get back
my broken heart
once the lies are believed

Jan 12 09

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