Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Part III Contemplating Templates

In this chapter I would like to conclude in saying that the mass media is responsible for promoting propaganda and therefore should be monitored by the Anti-Propagandists. Could this be another agency of the government, a censor board which shared by coersion, force, influence pedalling, corruption, etc with the Power Lords (who are they, really?)no doubt a Mr Big somewhere or a few of them lording over the denizens of the masses individual mind processes.
Let's start in the beginning. Commonality. We are commoners. We are not Lords. The system is set up in this way; have and have not. This is the clincher. This is the control mechanism.
Once we have that out of the way, let's progress to the next step; what the controllers are doing, and why, and for what purpose; and how are the controllers doing this; when and the other W5 questions; Did I forget How? How is very important.
Once we have analyzed that there is this control mechanism happening, we can assume that the Power Lords of this World think themselves far better creatures than ourselves. This is the power in the Power Lord arsenal. The thinking they are "better" than the underling "masses".
We have all witnessed this scenario before; those with more money, we consider "snobs" or "damn lucky" or part of the rich man's "game". Truly, what is the game here? You'd think by all those revolutions, "We the People" would mean something to the Power Crazed Control Freak Controllers of this Universe. But I dont think so, no not at all. Thought may, by now be completely obliterated and I am just picking up on residual thought droppings from the "Conrol Lords". Oh that sounds so Paranoid...better watch out...eyes 360 (oh God how I love that cute Anderson on CNN but probably, like with all good men for a straight lady, gay). Crap. The whole sexual politics as in "the Body Politic" is also of a power agenda, but that is self evident and more on this in another essay. Until then...
Anyway, back to Mind Control. Oh yes, Mind Control. MK Ultra...yes. Well it did exist and I guess so does every other form of wierdness known to man. If we can think it we can do it, and likely it starts with another thought control. Do you think the Thought Controllers are Controlled too? Can't get over thinking about the Matrix at this point. It must be true. I feel that lump in the back of my head. haha!
Well, I am glad you are still here if only in some translucent electron energy form. I know you exist. I feel your eyeballs reading this as I am typing!
Ha! Back to Control...Who are what do these agents of control look like? Could they be our friends, relatives, neighbours, strangers, dogs and cats? Could the Controllers be the webcam in real time scanning your every movement? How interesting. I always wanted to be a movie star, but I meant with the cash to boot, not just the incessant sucking on the teat of glory. Even stars dim and fade and turn 50! I'M FIFTY!!!haa! Surprised I lived this long? I am.
Well, that is another story, how I evaded the power lord of dead past death's door. But that may be another illusion. Crap, I cant get off this Matrix kicker idea.
If it is true...nah, no way Jose...I know what I am is REAL!!!
Zealots. Mind Control machinery if it isnt human now, could be used easily droning out the same banal programs over and over. You mean I am nothing more than my thought? That it is all a synethic imprint without individualization at all? No wonder I feel I have no power, I don't. Sucks big time.
Anyway, whether or not control is pervasive as sea lampreys or those other life-suckers, i take it, this may be why the ID battles these unknown to our brain but known to our eternal souls entities?
This means we have lost the path to truth (God truth) and have succumbed to Limbo. I knew that the Catholic Church would have to bring back Limbo. I have lived here all my life, heck it is better than Wawa!
So anyway, back to Control. That is that shining word. Control. That is the dangling gold carrot. We want Control power, etc so we will do anything to get it, right? Sell or souls etc. Is this true?
Will we ever stop the incessant need for control/power and all the bling it brings?
Seduction is difficult to destroy. Sin as in SIN, is definitely a control word too. But what if it is true? Then we are all going to Heck because we lost the path to truth and who will bring it back, who will find that long lost road before we messed with the Tree of Life, or dna? Our dna could be or have been or soul keeper and we sold our soul to the Control Entity (formerly known as the devil). Today, I am really freaking out. This is just so...hmmmmm. Yah, never know. I keep and open mind even if it isnt my own. ciao!

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