Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sin's Remedy: Understanding Sin In The Beginning

Do it, don't it
Yes you can, no you cannot
Can't stop, Can stop
Stop it, go do it
Want it, want it not
Take it, take it not
Have it, have it not
Continue doing it, wait to do it
impulse desire, restrict desire
order it, chaos within it
feel it, think it
black space, white space
soft touch, hard touch
tighten it, loosen it
hear it, do not hear it
see it, do not see it
feel it, do not feel it
sense it, do not sense it
taste it, do not taste it

Sin has much to do with our senses
how they are being used
and for what purpose
to act for a noble purpose
by noble, I mean good, for a good purpose
to take the individual sensory needs away
there is no sin

Sin also has to do with our focus
it could be
sinful to be selfish
and unempathetic
to the point of rejecting other's feelings, etc

Sin has to do with personal empowerment for personal gain only
that is a sin
So no wonder the confusion between the "me generation"
and the "we generation"
how did we loose the empathatic process?

Some autistc children do not sense or cannot sense other's feelings
but this may be biochemical
not a deliberate "sin" from the choice people make
so therefore sin could be a simple
missing link

what if that missing biochemical link of the autistic child
is a punishment from above?
the moral conscious, not understood but there nonetheless
sin predetermined, predestined,
routed and grouted
embedded and foretold
a destiny to be lived
in a certain way
yet we do not fully understand this way
and must go with the instinct of what is sin (good) or (bad) for us?

A chemical intuition process, a God-chemical.
I have heard there is a God part of the brain, what if there is a similar
We know some drugs "are feel good" but does that mean "feel good" really means
"feel good" and not just for personal reasons, but also for empathetic reasons
Empathy, intuition, biochemical bases...another study?


  1. Sin is often thought as being "removed from God", and the act of grace (the opposite of sin) is to walk with God. The spirit is alive this Sunday!

  2. There has been some "buzz" about sin being...well...fabricated by man. That sin is a conscious attempt at telling the mind and body that a particular action (sin) is dangerous because of the prior coincidences (consequences) of the said sin. So sin is taught, as per morality play to display to the human subject (maybe of base means) to extol to greater virtue and higher levels of consciousness. Yes, maybe even it is a method to employ a safe environment for the being. A safe harbour, Love. Not without sin, as this is said to be man's (I take it means human, men and women's) intrinsic nature.
    What was the world like without sin? Horrible situations happened because the human was not allowed to understand historic episodes passed down through the ages. The sin then (during cave man age) was thought of as taboo, mostly tribal banning of certain actions of tribe members (tribesmen/women). So taboo is an earlier version of sin.

  3. This is the worst poem I have ever read. Please get thoughts together before pressing print. (the critic within). Txs!