Thursday, January 22, 2009

Complete Universal Covergence versus Incomplete Universal Convergences: Continual or End Point Eventually?

If there is a Complete Universal Convergence does this mean it is continually recharging the universe ad infinitum, but eventually, too, this process will no longer exist and the Amoeba (MCS) will become inert or metamorph into another format?
The fact this is a universe of recharge energies, which seem to some degree now to constantly recharge one another from neg to pro and back again, makes one think; is there an end to this continual energy reboot system? pro/neg and back again forever? Eventually a new element must be made, and maybe this is the point in these multi fold convergences, we are making (our universes are making) new elements to promote this never ending energy to convergence and back again? IDK? jajo 22 jan 09

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