Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memories of Buffalo Field Trip

Beside the excellent Buffalo wings, what to say? Albright-Knox Museum...modern art. Buffalo snow, art class field trip, some drove Jaguars, not jealous of the nouveau riche, no, they have oil money! Certainly well connected. How can I connect to make something? Dreams of hanging in the Albright Knox is not at all like you think. It maybe just the women artists, now represented have something to say. Do you know what it is? 51 percent of the swing vote must mean SOMETHING! Compartmentalized renderings of the paradigm, I forget names now...oh it will come to me...certainly...Louise...oh....ahhhhhh. crap. why cant I get back there to Buffalo and do some good, visually speaking, and authenticate existence as all good artists do....

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  1. Oh yes, I just referenced my Modern Art History book by Janov (man that's a HUGE book)...and it is Louise Nevelson. (I knew THAT!) I just needed a 50 year old brain reboot! hahah! lol!Yes, Louise Nevelson makes compartmentalized (like a buffet)sculptures which are architectonic in design and very grid-like in a assymetrical way, beautiful monolithic works that are temple-like and very contemplative. I will study this artist in more depth. Amazing work!
    Also remembered now are the opt art of the Buffalo trip, the MIes Van deRoe chairs, and the unique tuck shop where I got a liquid 3 colour changer of interfacing multicolour solid and transparent plastic glass (plexiglass?). A fun game when coming down from the bus trip (hey, you must have been on an Art Field Trip KNOW what I mean...)...wasting away again in those wings tasted good, especially after the cold. Still cant forget that cigary smell of the wings bar in buffalo, so american cigarette smell...memorable! different! Dont need to smoke so I dont really like the smoke smell, just that it is haunting in some way, like a automatic connection to the place. I mean, maybe a fragrance company could find a "new" American scent. Maybe one of the designers like Ralph Lauren or something like that, maybe?