Friday, January 16, 2009

Triggers of Emotion and Serious Pet Peeves

The breaking point. It happens when the expected expectations are not giving birth to the world we want. We all want to make the world a better place, is this not true. Better for all. This seems a huge feat. Definitely something we want to render, but we keep getting stuck in ruts. All our energies and goals and dreams extinquished because something seems to be "halting, stopping, thwarting, diverting, etc" our much needed success to make this life all worthwhile.

Do we have high expectations or low expectations for your life. How came some just sit back and watch it all unfold in a crappy way? How or what do you want to do with your life? Have you given up because of 2012, or is it 2013? Really that is just plain dumb. Where there is life there is hope. Don't give up!

I know people struggle today, not only financially, but emotionally, spiritually as well. Do we allow bad things to happen to us or do they just happen? Dr. Wayne Dyer said that if you take the last 8 minutes or so of your day before you fall asleep to think of positive things, then you will, by this action, positively produce a better world. Remember we make our world by our thinking it into existence. Everything we have ever made has started out as an IDEA first. Saying this, it is then with certainy I can expound upon the next fact; we make our world what it is; WE MAKE OUR REALITY, both individually and collectively. Please let's work on this, by thinking about human potential worlds before bed. Thank-you!

Really the control got way out of control this I do agree. However, I am not sure if all was "chaotic" before we developed a control of chaos. Chaos probably is just misunderstood. Given a bad rap. When we think of chaos we are immediately brought back to Get Smart tv show with Don Adams (now a movie with Steve Carrell, etc). So Chaos seems sinister to me. It is "non-conformity" "non-control" and maybe even "red commi" haha! Yes, our perceptions do make our reality and how easily those perceptions are imprinted and often wrongly so, and this is due to the fact the brain wants answers and it wants answers "now". The need to know is greater than the wait for the truth. And we have paid bitterly for this lack of patience and misinformation. Many wars and lives are lost because we cannot adequately communicate needs, methods and internal truths. In other words, we do not relate very well as humans. There is a disconnect, a misunderstanding and lack of emotional sharing of souls. What is happening here?

Could we find time to take the time to examine truths of ourselves and other. Can meaningful and real dialogue be opened up to all to freely discuss issues without fear or threat? We must be aware that differences make us richer, and should not be killing us. We can arrive at a happy medium, or we can improve and bring each other up to a higher understanding and purpose. We can communicate our many frustrations and come out on top, powerfully attuned to the Universe. Leg's be open to this universe and all that is in it (to quote National Geographic theme). cr gigiwhit

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  1. Emotions and HOrmones destroy lives without to get a handle on extreme emotions and the birthing pains of BF emotions

    Of course understanding emotions in the Big Picture is ideal. We all want to be mindful of emotions and try to control them. Sometimes letting go of them first in a safe area is a good thing. But I am taught some new info today. Maybe to see another perspective on my usual patterns which may be not working so well, considering, the same old repeating info!

    Mindfullness would be a reflective mind. Can our mind overpower the wrongful pain of hurt emotions? Understanding that the mind could mind the emotions and help guide them in wise ways, and could help overall with the situation will bring insight and a permanent solution. Thanks to studying Ram Dass and Thicht Nhat Hanh. Living there deeply in the MOMENT of life, nature of impermanence and nonself.