Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gump Worsley is My Cat

Today my cat started playing hockey with me! Using a chestnut (oh THAT old chestnut) from my buffet (Baxter is not allowed on my buffet)...he grabbed it and started playing with it, bringing it to the kitchen from the buffet where it had sat in a dish of nuts left over from Xmas! cat Baxter IS Gump Worsley, the famous goalie from the Toronto Maple Leafs! OMG he is a goaly, keeping the acron away from my being able to get it past him and into the "zone" goal net under the kitchen cupboars where I sit on my computer...what a smart Gump Worlsey of a cat!!!


  1. Bear my dog usually "polices" Baxter (the lone male) and the others when it comes to "cat patrol". Bear having some (i think?) shepherd in him is so much of the police dog. He sniffs and when i say to him "stop cat" he gets the cats off the table (yes I do a lot of windexing)and where ever else they are not suppose to be. He is amazing and does this at all hours of day and night. Bear is so is hard to get this out of him. I wish he were sedate (well i am trying to find natural dog dopamine..and for me too!) WHERE OR WHERE IS THE LEGAL DOPAMINE FOUND IN FOOD..IT IS A CURE ALL FOR EVERYTHING SAYS THE DOCTORS TV SHOW...HMMMMM. GOT TO GET SOME..YESTERDAY! jajo 22 01 09

  2. More "Gump Worsley Cat aka Baxter" news. Yesterday a.m. I come into the kitchen as my usual routine; get my coffee made, have my prayer juice, continue looking after feeding the pets, and watering, letting outside, etc, etc, etc chores basically. I went over to the buffet for something and noticed something very odd!
    After I had meticulously cleaned the buffet of all nuts from the previous nut fiasco of a day ago, I noticed, "Gump" had left me a present. No it wasnt "a box of chocolates"! It was an acorn (the puck) in a special candy dish of my Great Aunt Tines!
    At this point I knew for certain that Baxter the cat (aka Gump Worsley" had "knowingly" placed the acorn in the dish to let me know "he scored". Yes, Baxter, you did score! And you won the Cat's Got Brains award of the Year! Congratulations Baxter aka Gump Worlsey Is My Cat!!! further to this; Gump was playing with the Armoire knob (it falls off occasionally). My son uses the armoire to store his clothes (until he can get his own dresser) and so the story goes. Any "who", my son had been getting something out of the armoire and was in a hurry and the "knob" fell onto the floor. Immediately Baxter (we call him Bastard most days) came over and started to hockey puck the knob underneath the armoire and thus the much need knob was forever, underneath the huge armoire, "never to be found again"...until 5 minutes later when good old Gump paws out the knob from underneath the huge armoire and starts to play hockey with the armoire's long lost knob. What a cat!