Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plan A, B, C and maybe D and E

Continuing the marking system plan, as it seems easiest. Plan A will be the most fortunateous, and then Plan B, Plan C and so on. Therefore Plan A will take precedence over Plan B, etc. Plan A's success is determined by factors, features and fenomena (ok the three F's). If there is a causal action to any of the Three F Factors than proceed to next Plan until a "Plan" works. Get my drift? N'est pas? Parlez?

Plan A

The Best Choice, You Chose Wisely!
Plan A consists of the most vital, important, essential, aspects to living. This means the vitals; the vitals being; Food, Water, Housing, Happiness (Spiritual, Physical and Mental).

Visual of what nature this Plan A would consist:

Establish the basics, make the basics work for smooth flow. How? Functionality. Make things work in a "smooth flow" basis.

For example; Clean refrigerator, stove, oven, organize cupboards, ease of access to commonly used items, and finally DECLUTTER.

What if one of the Three F's should make themselves known?

For example; lack of cupboard space, clutter with emotional attachments, refrigerators by there ill-conceived design, have too many nooks and crannies to clean? Then what?

Remedy F

If you cannot make more room, or find more cupboards, or cannot part with CLUTTER, then there is a problem. Plan B amendment.

Plan B

Move as far away from the clutter as possible, and make sure it won't follow you.
But what if the clutter does follow you to the ends of the earth? How to rid oneself of the shackles of clutter is difficult. We are geared up to thinking that
having "things" is good, the more "things" the better we look. Hey, that is just messed up thinking. So how to disengage the clutter? HOw to emotionally release that knickknack from a garage sale 50 years ago? "But it has meaning, sentiment, attachment". Wait a minute! If the memories need to be tweaked by knicknacks, this just makes for some frightening moments to come. How can something make enmasse in China have anything to do with the authenticity of experience as experiencing life?
In other words, if the memories are not intact when imprinting them, and the memories need to be rebooted from junk from China, then this says volumes about where values are being placed. Quite frankly, values are being misplaced! Time to sort through this emotional behemoth, and soon!

Plan C

Obviously, you (and me) did not come through the last "test" of the Three F's very well, did we? It would be a far better thing at this juncture to examine one's internal mechanisms which is keeping "hung up" on trivia. This inherent need is as mighty an addiction as any. It is necessary to understand at this point that a need for things is just a "crutch" for having not have various emotional threshold moments fufilled (more on this later). At this time we are stalled in continuing on the Plan system, because we have reached a dead end in this relationship.

Plan Z

Good! You threw away all the stuff and now you are "starting over". But are you really? Emotional baggage to things is a heavy load. You will be tempted to go into Walmart or Zellers to find more "stuff" to fill the void. The void of disattachment from emotionas which are not "smooth flow".

Plan Z option a)

Smooth flow meditation, detox, shake things up abit, challenge the status quo.
Whatever is not in the "comfort zone". Try it! Something less comfortable gets us to "no" ourselves and gives deeper meaning to what "stuff" we are made of, and it shouldnt look like figurines from China or wherever. Parlez?

Ok this is really not what I had intended for this Plan article. It is sketchy. I guess I am feeling sketchy again today. Sorry about this. Somedays are WAY off! Focus, yes, focus!chicco real

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