Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Part II Contemplating Templates, etc

Yes, I had left off to retrieve dinner for the clan, now back to the business of propaganda business; where was I...oh yes...I remember, that Austria lady's statement on the film; The Telltale Heart.
To assume Freud is the only one smart enough to conceive of the Propaganda Machine Freud would be like Einstein, a genius.
After reading Freud, I can conclude that Freud was too stoned out on cocaine to really be in touch with HIS feelings, truly, and therefore he would be considered in any DSM registry of today, inequivocably evoking cocaine dreams kisses (thanks Wilcox et al)and should be rendered "invalid data collection".
To put it mildly; Freud was under the influence of drugs. Since he was "outside" the reality of his mind, his state would be considered "psychotic" and all thought processes from the man would hence be "invalid".
Sad but true. HOwever, how many brilliant ideas started with the stretching of the mind's reality base is probably HUGE. Take Bill Gates for example. Did you see those pics of him in the 70's? Definitely the Bowl and Pipe was his favourite campus pub crawl (heck, he didn't even graduate from university he was that high on programming ideas).
Today, we have to thank the "synthetic reality" for promoting a lot of good things. Unfortunately, Freud's cocaine ideas were novel, and a beginning of further investigation, not an end to themselves. Freud missed something vital; the human within the beast. Whether it was Nietche or Schopenhauer or other German philosophy of that time, Freud certainly did not share the latter day humanist platform of "I'm ok, You're Ok". According to Freud, repression made us all nuts and therefore "not OK". Freud's propaganda of Psychological Analysis via dream intrepretation was instrumental in the Propaganda Machinery weaving warped minds out something completely nature to mankind. Dreams became the behemoth monster of repression and the reason for psychotic behaviour.
Freud could render everyone slightly neurotic to extremely psychotic with a journal entry. By talking through the angst of a thousand dreams from memory recall, Freud had the populace eating out of his hands; and he was on to something, except, he should have never condemned people having thought which were irrational, since his drug induced mind certainly was irrational in believing we are all sick. Maybe to some extent, but not irreversible and not labelled with irreverent assimilation for political agenda purposes. Scary thought, paranoia to extreme. What could be this monster? Why was this monster never rendered useless? No attempt to kill the ID, Freud brought forward (BF'd) the ID and left the subject dangling, without a parachute of any colour whatsoever. Not fair Freud! Freud fell asleep again into those cocaine dreams and kisses and when he woke up WWII nearly obliterated all of us! Humanists understood the beast and were able to put the beast in its place by understanding the beast is part of human nature and should be saietied.
Certainly, Freud was into that Mad Men whirlwind of WWII, where the power lords were vieing for power and domination of the world. Which country would win? What theory would hold water, which way would the tide go, Left or Right or in the middle?
And all of us were made all nuts for a purpose; Conrol for Domination Rights.
Although I do think Freud began something important he did stop short of allowing for the natural progression of PA (Psychoanalytic Events). Something can be said for understanding, Freud did not understand the big picture to make progress not for personal political agenda's but for the masses being raised up to better levels of living, without the mind manipulation, but rather, gentle guidance. As Penelope Leach would say; "roots and wings" and let them go, into the world to fend for themselves having had excellent grounding and understanding of Self.
Today, we may be "toyed" with as far as consumerism is concerned. However, I believe we must step back and look at the media's influence. It is really agendized for a war machine, no doubt. How many violent acts on tv shows and movies? Those desensitized to this violence bemoan this example, yet, they are the first ones to love the gun abit too much. "Like your gun, Love your wife" rather than in reverse. Where, truly is the emphasis placed in the media, we must question. Where are the qualities? What really is the purpose in the gratitudious violence, who is control of the controller buttons down in the studio making these gratitudious films of violence. Some cannot handle the truth or the gratitudious violence, because they do not want to, they do not have the excess testerone pumped in sugar-coated pills down lumpy throats. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee and confess, we are mind controlled by unknown agents acting for unknown persons. Whether it be the New World Order or other agenda producing conspiracy theories, one thing is for certain. If we want to survive in a a good way, in a healthy way, we need to examine the garbage coming in from educational, media and other like sources. Is it too much violence, is the world too violent, too hateful, too crazy? Why? Drugs in the water, Ideas which pollute rather than promote the truth? Even if it is the Bilderburg Group or other like power-crazed entity, I truly believe man's soul is smarter than the garbage being fed the body. The soul will survive, if only in the form of retributive justice. Truth will out and then we will recieve the justice we all deserve. No more propaganda machine. NO more paranoia. Life as it should naturally evolve, as whole, health self.

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