Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alert DO SOMETHING ABOUT Slime Molds In the Atmospheric Environment

We should report more often how we feel and when there are slime molds in my sink...Looks just like...slime from the movie Ghostbusters! Except clear not green (thank gosh)...what about reporting ill? Who would know? If this is a biochem attack or not? What if you have a migraine, or you are so dizzy or would w know for sure, orif disease is deliberate, the high incidence of cancer? Could this also be biochem? If oil lead is destroying minds, breains, souls? If we are LOST? tHEY KNOWS IT WE DONT? hUH? wHO GIVES them the damn authority???shit i thought it was humans are number one all rest it is huh? we are first individual entities are we not???. I feel devastated. I feel ripped off. Either by myself orAre you an did I get that moniker? (clinton did joke for morale,do you have any of that left?)lITTLE EXPENSIVE FOR A Jar of Goji juice..are yousaying all juice will be in glass by 2012. If the near miss asteroids dont get us first? Damn!My proirties ARE ALL WRONG..HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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