Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Sounds Emotionally Imprint on the MothercellSoul

Sounds have a profound influence on feelings. Why? How can a tuning fork in the Key of G create a feeling of calm? What has sound/music have anything to do with the EI of the MCS?

A. The MotherCellSoul must exist on some wave length in the Universe. The Key of G may indicate where exactly in the Universe we originated. If we continue on this premise, they we must assume that the MotherCellSoul is a repository/depository or library of all known sensory imput as recorded via the Emotional Imprint methodoloy (see previous article).

The MCS entity is One. It is Universal (all multiuniverses exist in One Cell, however the indidualization process we experience now is due to the nature of our place in the Universal design. Our placement in the Universe creates a multidimensional, multicellular (are continuing more multicellular with each passing moment) therefore the RNA has split from the DNA or like the Mitochondrial DNA are, perhaps, unique and individualized entities which at one time probably existed in singularity. The extreme multiplicity in our Universe is casual. It is caused from a continual fanning out of the split within the MotherCellSoul. The Universe continues expanding outward until it comes to a lapsing (folding) conclusion and T and S (Time and Space) converge and either it is a singular event (for one dimensional) or will be completely involving the entire multidimensionaly of our known Universe(s). The MOTHERCELLSOUL contains only the element of One. It is surrounding the multiplicity dimensional inner Universe like a cell wall. Amoeba-like the MCS expands with the expanding universe until it sqeezes it back to compression on One.

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