Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grading Genius: Pecking Ordered Politics

Who designs who wins and who loses
Who makes the quality check
on human product

Which qualities exemplify
those qualities which magnify
the spyglass qualities
high society esteem
24 hour Martinizing
by The Power Lord of The Invisible Entity
Men of Means
meaning well ahhhhh....mmmmmm....puhphhhhhh
polish that apple!!!

talent, genius, monied, popular, well-connected
initiative, giving, empathy
technical radical bogieman or stoggie stagey yes man
who makes the grade
when the grade
is dished out
the fantasy flavour
of the day
boogie nights
all is swell
good old boys
on 5th Ave
Open Doors
To You!

Amassed a fortune
the masses feign interest
who can have that dream
when it isnt theirs to have
save the few token totem variables
yes, they look good on the outside
inside they reek havoc
but not making the executive grade
without the specs
and stamp
of the Invisible Entity

There is a lot of decluttering to do
the competition is just too great
its who you know who
ya know
6 degrees of separation
who makes you who you are
blah, blah, know that!
a yes person
who looks jus like you
stepped up to the brass plate
It's just so
always been this way
saying yes yes yes
Go For It!

We'll make you
One of us, yes we willllllllllllll00000000001010101010101010
Stimulate and Simulate your reality
pathways worn
from classics woven
silk brocade
the old templates
without a basement
brand new you
you are ours for sure
Polished and Precise
stamped, etched, imprinted
you got our dna splicing, dicing and grafting
from years
of inbreeding pools
of pure genius
vacant parking lots

11 Jan 09

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