Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Novel: Mafia Doctors

The private company had hired 5 new doctors in the northern mining town. It was expensive, considering the endless stream of income of the monopoly. (to be continued unless Sat Jan 31 09 11 am means anything...for Aunt J and the note precariously placed in the mid driveway this past Monday).

The doctors had learned the meaning of paying off OSAP. Dr. Mills knew it would be a 4 year commitment. "So what if I have to live in a dumbass mining town, at least this will give me a start to payoff my huge med school debt. How did you end up here Jones?" Mills enquired to the string-bean 20 something doctor. "Oh, I've been through the OSAP and student loan trap, and I found a sponsor to help pay my way out of this slime pit, it will be slam, bam thnakyou town, and then off to the big city where all great doctors belong!" Jones emphasized. "For sure Jones, I get your drift, we are in the same boat, metaphorically speaking". "Guess so, guess I just didnt see it that

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