Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mothercell Soul Imprinted via EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION

Emotional Expression is Mother Cell Imprinted on the Soul (Everlasting Love).

What is Emotional Expression, and why is so individualized yet shared universally?

A. Emotional Expression is the completed response to intial external stimuli and the
internalized emotional imprint on the ELS.

What is the Mother Cell exactly?

A. The Mother Cell (MC) is the original ovum cell which predetermined our inherent
genetic code, but it not entirely influenced by physical boundaries. Each cell
in the human has cellular memory and the possibility of the infinite. The DNA
and RNA are continually recording many external and internal emotional imprints.
The Mother Cell has a unique quality in that it's essence is One; the Cosmic
Universal Design and the MC operates similar to a one cell animal that does not
have individualization. It is the external stimuli and the internal stimuli (
Emotion Expressed which codes the Mother Cell's DNA and formulates the continuing
pattern found in the RNA. jajo to be continued

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