Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Genesis of Emotion

Emotion is a key component of the human. Do we understand what emotion is and how it works in the human, what emotion's purpose, intent and drive? There are so many unanswered questions!

If soul is connected to emotion (many believe it is) than we have to commit to an understanding of emotion from roots to stem! Are humans still on the path to the spiritual connections via emotional growth potential?

When humans negate emotion, a multiplicity of negative events takes place on the external world. The inner world of the emotion is par with an understanding of all known knowledge, for it is the emotional intelligence which guides us through this world (and others) into the spiritual realms of being.

Emotional release is not often regarded today (except for laughter, but then contained and time-specifically approved)as something which should be eternally shown. It is ok to have these hidden emotions as long as they do not effect the overall status quo.

Our ancestors had the pyramid flipped upside down. The inverted pyramid design shows how the most important feature of the human, during tribal times, were the emotional vocabulary. How was this vocabulary formed. How did emotions (ROE)range of emotions contribute to the enrichment of the human spirit. How did the emotions react to spiritual enlightenment? (a study with various world gurus is considered here).

When we can categorize, cataloguize, and contain so imformation as to the importance of emotional realms then we have rich information as to the human's need to genetically code emotion. Or is it emotion codes genetic imformation?

We all recall how powerful events, with much "shock value" have effected our ability to remember events. We are told if we want to remember something, attach something memorable to it. Let's say if you want to remember the word

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  1. emotions of words
    emotions of thoughts
    emotions of feelings mbs
    emotions have depth; isnt time to gauge depth of emotion like we gauge milligrams in pharmaceuticals?