Tuesday, January 13, 2009

St. Ignace's Winds continued (edit5)

soap and candle companies
6 billion
light years ago
making more light than years
6 billion bucks a year profit
money begetting money
Relinquished Notes Acquistions
Up and Away
Downward now
never ending spiral
bridging earth's
staircase to heaven's infinite
eternal regenesis program

are these antimonopoly
monopoly laws?

if monopoly's strategy
were simplified
we'd all be riche rich ragmen
unless the rules change
to make us dirt farmers again

to get a foot in the door
watch for broken toes
after all those bone-calcium depleting drugs
taken to keep babies at bay
make hubby happy
worse than a stubbed toe
broken in two probably 4
you'd have to tape those up
with pencils and duct tape

got to make dinner
or clean the house
house"wife" stuff
why don't I get paid for this?

of course
you know it is not what you know
but who you know
and they like you

plus being a yes person helps
even then it is only once
you get to say no
these rules get ruthless
without the reality of truth
The Guiding Light
diminishes to fade to black

Aren't all these actors
The Actor's Studio
portraying cruel rich
powerful men
in real time, real life

Bet ya
have never seen a nice Patriarch
in the gangster movies?
unless they go crazy at Xmas
or near death
makes them give away their all

compounded shackles and unilateral power
comfounding the masses
with power's abrupt change of heart
making a remarkable
360 bridge the gap
sophisticated engineering
brocaded Jordache jeans
as the needled camel
goes through eye holes
on the West Bank
they have redeemed themselves!

of Truth
We are either
Mean Ol' Men
of Means
Commoners Pinched
Often women
Monopolized and
Controlled Chaos'
Unknown Design
to date

In Some Way
Probably not fairly so
Done nonetheless with extreme
You can't see the
hiding the gaping wound

whenever i watch soapoperas
the old man thinks they are brainwash tools
his ex watched them all the time
remember nonetheless
Days of Our Lives
that Darn Hourglass
henpecking spinster men state by
voice over
"Like grains of sands our lives.."
only now I want to stop those sands
as a youth I liked to watch them deplete
for 40 plus years,
the egg timer
didnt remind me
my eggs ran out

It strikes me odd
the Generational Thing
Remembering my Grandmother
having dinner at noon and then
Watching each day at 1 pm
musty satin Naval pillows from
the 40's
seems sometimes nothing changes
when I watch soapoperas
comforted by
continued sameness
of hearth and home

now I'm a
Generation Boomer
Generation X
my progeny
now "The Lost Generation"
How do they know they are actually lost?
Who told them they were LOST?
Who or Whom made them LOST?

We need to question things
the hidden things
very important
lurking lurches
launches lunch
underneath it all
i still love perogies and onions
done to carmelized

To an understanding
our product placement
repeat "OUR"
sounds like Hour
repeat how long most
Soap Operas?
an HOUR!!!
What is with the Hour
Thanks George Strombopolis...whatever Can/Greek dude
hope Howie Mandel's ok!

Why does everything take an Hour for humans?
tick tick tick...
those grains of sand
Witch of Oz
You Evil Witch
or made to be that way
by program design?

Down On The Farm
No selection these three channels
now i have rogers high speed bundles
and have become more of a video junky
I love the Classic Movies on TSN
Seems these dead actors
Have Much to Say
Lessons Compressed
Wounds to Bind
Hopefully to Heal
(doubt it)
From Life Leftovers
Like Life, leftover
from the strains, sprains
of our tattered existence
Immortalized Wisdom
Passed Down
the Bob's Boob Tube RNA
you remember?
Bob's My Uncle!

No propaganda there at all, not always
there is a time to do this and that
a season for this n that
This is true
Biblical Psalms
Why dont I want to admit
my season
is changing
to the
All Seasons Channel
ASC Hiawatha
hopefully not

Soap Mummies sleep deep
and Ancient Tribal Burial Secrets
Such Practices
Awaken the Dead
Pop Art tribe actors
backyard geneology
Hoopla dancers
sound loud
Gossip Hounds
Love to Learn
from the Chief
Let's do lunch!

Synchronicity Rings My Bell
ding a ling ding
oh my goshen
my galoshes are all wet!

talk about coincidence!
can you imagine that
a man named Whitley
started Hollywood?
Get this...
Virginia "GiGi" was his wife
I have a cat called GiGi
GiGi was a 1958 movie
something special to that
I took my name "Whitley" psuedo-deliCALi
quite accidentally (there are no accidents!)

more on this Whitley the man (maybe I was him in another life?)
I will call Dr. Goldstein...hold on...past life regressionist on the line
or maybe I'll call Hans Christian King, or Sylvia Browne...maybe someone who
Who to Call?
Get this...
Whitley the man buried in Chatham Ontario
right next to his nemesis Tecumseh?
How did he get to fight in a war and start Hollywood? huh?
It was the War of 1812
Tecumseh battling endlessly besides,
somebody didnt tell me about my grandma's roots
not even grandma
small pox wiped them out
the blob finished the job
Chief buried with Whitley in
related hometown
Fergie Jenkins
Judy LaMarsh (a block from my auntie)
synchronicity with sublime intent
proximity maybe
by beginning and ending
resting place
for hypers on two

On Canadian actors
time for name dropping
yes I did see Graham Greene drive by here
Wow, eh
David Carradine(he's not Canadian but I'd make him, anyday)
watched him every Saturday morning
Got to meet Power Ranger (the White One)
Jason Frank
and have signed autographs to prove it!

California is close up
Tory Spellings-McDermott
got her belly print here
and then
Jack Warner lived a block from
my Grandmother
with Lost In Space lady
June Lockhart an Antler River lady
of course
Paul Haggis' sister in my Gr 8 class
Jennie Jones's mom made
my sister's wedding dress
Up close and personal with the stars
Cab Calloway
Got to shake the hand of this great man
and Scottie
He kissed me at the Convention!
Man...that's almost as close as almost
getting to get an autograph of
Soupy Sales
5 mins late Soupy you should have
ed, I met Honest Ed!
Toronto in the 60's
tucked Jackie Pillon into bed
There really is no end to stellar
talk about your 6 degrees of seperation
My name should be "Near Miss"!

Hollywood seems so near
yet so far
the stars
But the Truth IS out There
Groom Lake?
Dr. from Detroit?
This I do know for sure!
Close encounter in 75
Hybrid days
Martin Michigan
(are THOSE indians TOO?)

yes, yes
loved Kung Fu the Movie
David looked like a clone
of my old boyfriend
how does this happen
magic in real time
and all those flicks...man!
some good dreamin' to do
can Hollywood magic really happen
(it did for me, thanks!)
or is it all lights and mirrors
Good question!
You too are a STAR!

walking on Holy Stomping Ground
in the Woodland Deep
Hiawatha Sunset over there
and up there
Turtle Island
Christian Island
Huron Worshipping Rock
Heaven's Gate
huge cave centipedes
that creep into
your basement during the day
by the bay
Remanents of Petun's pipes
And Gerrod's Ancient
Woodland People
moved to

Ancient, very ancient
shale trilobite fossils
450 million years old
walking shadow ghosts
more alive than dead
for their age

once accepted by matriarchial chiefs
thanks Chief Stone
Some Good Ol' Boys have other plans
for me I know
I saw them pointing
and fawning
handing over keys to others
rather than me
some good old boys club i say
maybe not..what?
dont hate me because I am beautiful
hate me for some reason other than
not sure why
let's keep it that way
i dont want to see you nude
behind that curtain of power

the power swagger as sway says
we like you, we dont like her
or we dont like you we like her
selection process
fitness test
hmmmmm....braun or brain
that old chestnut

Women still do not have the
democratic representation
required by law
you'll see Good Ol' Boys
Saying Who does this n that

Encourage mens agenda only
poor Major Bigelow
Stuffy, clubby
empty is
not a full life
for women of substance

no wonder i feel so screwed
demeaned and debased
men do not understand
woman's perspective at all

mason "men" dont like
lone wolf woman
the witch with a brain
or the individual cry
for retributive justice
taking away personal power
for their own power lord control
for honest government
is really
the pinnacle of democracy's
We aren't there yet

i thought george bush
may have some native blood,
the Bushes orginally from Michigan
and Charleton Heston
Gerald Ford
all from Michigan
i think there is something to this
Ted Nugent?

also I get the deeded interest
in native pacts
trade spouses like spices
prearranged brides bequeathed
a blood pact
power pacts
What spirit do they want to keep alive?

north american politics
can attribute many democracy systems
to the native roots of this land
ancient greece
like Jesus and the Mormons
appearing here and there
at the same time?
again how synchronicity makes things appear
almost exactly at the same place and time
Somewhere In Time
it is getting clear
this truth is coming into focus
more evidence needed to verify

i was amazed to hear that on aptn
i love northern exposure
and the waltons
and Guiding Light or As The World Turns

i keep thinking (maybe wrongly no doubt)
that there is something to this
that i understand
big business by watching soap operas
and old movies

are we explaining our culture this way
via media historical or real time
what is this
a way to connect the dotty
find "true"
feelings,(maybe desired feelings)
or ideas or ideals promoted
which gets us use to
as they happen similar to dreams
when we dream of some nightmare
maybe we are creating a mock scenario
so we dont die from heart attack
if that play should play real to real
track these events
they may be significant in understanding
the human animal as
we think we think
but we may be on

usually a year behind events
never forward thinking events
i mean they are just now
a gay relationship portrayed

what about politics in tv
i mean
what will we expect now
the feed
will be left
to Obama
will he be
more open

or continue power crazed
man's monopoly games
hold onto the money
channelled up and away
because eventually power
lets go unpredictably like
st ignace's winds

jan 13 09

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