Thursday, January 15, 2009

Socio-Political Agendas: What they are; How they operate

Looking back on life now, at this middle age threshold, gives me a "big picture" of how the Socio-Political agenda's operating systems. This information is a beginning proposal of future theses describing the social-political agendas witnessed, living in Canada.

In The Beginning

When we are born into this world we take on the political "roles" of our parents. Even though democracy is not suppose to have "classes" there are most definitely class struggles in Canada. Democracy's ideal of removing the various constrictions within class dynamics is greatly short-shrift when it comes down to the practical side, for all intents and purposes, of deining democracy in Canada.

For example; if born in the fifties, a baby boomer has very high expectations initially of how the democratic nation will unhold the individual rights over the mass subjectation. However, ouce the democratic citizen notices infective social conformity the intelligent democratic subject begins to question the basics; why are there so many contradictions to the tenets, of fitting into a set regulation of "what came before". The genesis of regenesis must be strong in Canada because everywhere there is the dynamic of "you are what your parents are or were". Being described socially this way does create a democratic social vacuum.

Already a major tenet of democracy is removed from the constantly questioning moral conscious because "we are suppose to have a class-free society" in our Country not the other way around. The foundational gestalt concrete has been laid, we can no longer believe a system which can not produce the goods; the Mission Statement of this democratic nation in unteneably and unpaltably questioned. How can this be? Why are these contradictions imbedded existing in a "free" state, country, province, such as Canada? These questions will be examined and to some extent, answered as best as possible considering the answers are never answered to any degree of logical consequence by authority patently hired to do just that.

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