Monday, January 19, 2009

Proposal: Cognitive Research on the meaning and purpose of The Emotive and Empathic of Human Emotion/Feeling

Cognitive Research on the meaning and purpose of The Emotive and Empathic of Human Emotion/Feeling

This is a comprehensive, indepth proposal to describe in detail the immense range of human emotion and emorions contributioning to the human condtion. A series of tests will be conducted using humans as test subjects. Emotios will be gauged, catalogued, described by various methods for their authenticity and emotive response variables. Various belle curve interative modes will be presented, such variables as age, sex, minority grouping,psychological categories, etc to determine emotions as they relate to various environmental and internal stimuli. For all intents and purposes each test will be interactive with each other and will create a subject-dependent test which is more of a case study than simply graphing method indices.

The inherent need to study as per psychological study the way multiple variansts of human emotion are described as feelings of all kinds is indicated. The depth of said feeling(s) is critical to understanding of various conditions like autism, for example. Without an useful understand or a dictionary of emotion it is difficult to render conclusions about the indivdual variants of emotive reaction and the grading of and understanding of the empathetic emotive variables.

Those who feel emotions deeply do feel these emotions deeply for a specific reason; feelings have a connecting source and are grounded to the individual, such as a fingerprint. Some feelings are shared collectively, these emotions will also be studied.

Various degrees of emotive feelings "types" should not be so easily dismissed by the psychological community as "ill" or malajusted or maladaptive individuals. Contrarily, emotive humans have much more indepth or intuitive skills and are able to converge the two brains to recreate the whole human as per the way of human design. In other words, emotions are key/critical to a complete understanding of the human "animal" and yet, the definitions of emotion to date, are paltry at best.

Feelings have been, for far too long, easily dismissed, not investigated to any degree at all. There is no independent research focusing on human emotion as value mode. Not until the humanist studies (as per Rogers, Maslow, Abrahms, et al) have Psychologists created a safe haven for this very important research of emotion. Much more research is needed to understand feelings as they are a decisive communication tool and pertainent in all areas of the Humanities.

An Emotive Dictionary (interactive tool) has been proposed to allow others a greater reference and cognitive source for the range of human emotion as it is felt by the individual. This Emotive Dictionary will describe, in various modes, the scope of human emotion as close as possible to the unique emotional of each individual. Similar to a bliss board human emotion of the individual will be much more described and understood in various sensory techniques used to stimulate in the observer the subject(s) emotive response(s).

The need to understand various emotive levels and range of emotion and the various, reasons, latent feelings, precognitive emotions, individual specific formulations of emotion, etc, will be assimilated in this study. To make visual references, phonetic references, tactile references, and other references will simulate emotive reality in the observer. A similar understanding to this methodology is to look at the immensity of a herb garden. The levels and degrees of emotion are referenced to other sensory stimuli to configure the unknown variables of emotion to tactile sourcing. Emotions are the ingredients which flavour the human soul. Without feelings a human subject is a mere machine. The negatation of feelings creates an intellectual vacuum, it has only been recently that "emotional intelligence" has been studied to any degree. This proposal will help enrich our experience of emotion as it pertains to the human subject.

JaJo 19 Jan 09

. Feelings will be further studied to determine feelings authenticity or psuedo-authenticity and the reason(s) for these variables in the human subject. (possible future animal study) studied feelings dominant or are subjectated in the human subject.

This study will involve variations in sex, age, minority, etc for a full range of understanding of the emotive in the human condition. This study will lead to a fuller understanding of the intricasies of emotive feeling in the human as it relates to various like relationships, job performance, personal fufillment and growth, emotions as emotively portrayed or systemically

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