Thursday, January 8, 2009

Psychoanalysis Discussion: Repression Study Proposal

Repression must be the single most, and most looming largess of a psychological-emotive concept. The idea that the human can void or thwart essential feelings is to the detriment of the health of the human. All feelings are important and need to be properly analyzed. Feeling are a vital component of the human psyche or soul. Feelings are necessary, and the depth of feeling is the ability of the person to become richer in soul-purpose. However, there are many negative feelings which, if not properly understood and dispensed, can linger and create a host of hurt for the individual. Feelings must be expressed as soon as possible, and understood by the individual in order that the assimilation is complete and the individual can adapt to the feelings and move to the next depth of feeling core. Here is a diagram to describe the Emotional Response in Humans:


STIMULUS PRESENTED (multistimuli to be presented later)


-record the person's reaction to the immediate stimuli or does not react; record observations via test systems (see Test Systems)
record any visual feature of the person (nervous ticks, etc) and throughly discussion with person record in journal the feedback from the person
-once the person has had the initial reaction; check on various time levels the reaction as presented using A-Stimulus Function Test (see below)
-record once a day over a two week period, then once a week over a month, then monthly, then yearly. Graph these reactions (prediction: test results will show initial reaction to stimulus to be greater initially and then fading with time, unless the stimulus is of a negative nature and has residual effects (this Negative Reaction Stimulus is to be studied in detail concentrating on the residual effects of the stimula of the negative nature)

Conclusion: The sole purpose of this Stimulus Testing System is to record the various reactions of various individuals on various stimuli. By understanding initial reactions and long term effects of negative stimulation, effort will be made in producing a method for testing stimuli reactions in the mind and body. The purpose of this study is to create various standards of intrepretation of various events and how they effect the person, generally and specifically. Application for amending said negative reactions residual effects (i.e. psychotic behaviour)will give a clue as to the remedy for allaying or negating completely the negative effects of negative stimuli on the human individual. Sensitivity training and focus on the feelings and how the feeling react with the individual on a personal level will be the focus of this study.

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