Monday, January 19, 2009

Emotive Reality: What Is It? Does It Exist?

Emotive Reality: What Is It? Does It Exist?

There is a reality for humans other than the tactile senses. The emotive/empathic response in the human is definitely tied into the hormone bio/chem response and does evolve, perhaps, from this defining reality.

However, hormones and biochemical studies aside, the human has adapted a set of various emotions to understand the world similar to the 5 senses. All of the 5 senses do contribute to the intactive emotive response in the individual.

My first study is to do a case study of my own personal emotions as they occur on a daily basis. My focus will be on how I feel and why. I will not attempt to "dramatize" events for an interesting case study/story! Rather I am looking at gauging depth of emotion or lack of depth of emotion primarily. The levels of emotional response will be graphed to see if emotional response variables are affected by environment, inherent internal properties, latent/intuitive stimuli, etc.

Once I have gauged by individual emotive (not recall as they occur) responses, I will understand, for one month, whether or not, hormones, or lack thereof could be a contributing factor to emotional response. Also, this may be later proved by blood hormone level testing in a lab. At this point it is a dictionary! Here goes!

Day One

Time: 9:02 am

Right now I am feeling tired, my nose is stuffy, which makes me feel itchy. My eyes feel red. It was hot in the bedroom. I need to sleep in a cold room. I feel "lymphy" not sure why, maybe overactive something or other. I assume my lymphy is caused from an overactive immune system. NOt sure why. Not sure if I feel this study is going to work. It may be a flop. I have my doubts (feeling). Somewhat negative. But will try to feel positive. I feel I must accomplish something in my life or I am a dismal flop (wonder where I got this feeling from?). Feeling hopeful, and will continue to strout that feeling. It takes work to be happy! It doesnt happen naturally when there are so many negatives in my environment, or at least, it may be, the way "I look at the negatives". Could feelings be manipulated to change said negative and would this be lying to myself, or deluding myself for health reasons. Let's go with truth in feeling, I have to learn to trust my feelings, no matter WHERE THE FEELINGS ARE COMING FROM. Got to map where feelings (or where I feel) feelings are originating on said subject.

Each hour will post feelings. ja jo 19 jan 09

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