Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sea Shell City Spatulas; LUCY YA HAVE SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO...

On the creative ideas (past emotional hurts are backshelved today aren't you glad?)of Spatula City and Seashell City! What a remarkable thing, to find a creative "Hoola Hoop" of an idea striking you when you are bored to death of travelling on the endless Michigan roads of "nothing happening".
Today I have found an unusual interest in the pickled baby shark jars found at SeaShell City (it is closed at Traverse City MI for the season). HOwever, I cannot forget how much inspiration that bottled baby shark in a jar brought my son.
Now that I remember my odd fascination with the macabre oddities of the sea, I am recalling my fascination with those brain corals, whales teeth, and sea dollars as well as sea anemones. Man, how cool! How absolutely amazing these creatures of the sea, plus, they are now illegal to purchase and so when you have one, don't sell it on ebay.
I mean how much more fascinating to have the genuine article! A prototype specimen. It gave me to thinking about spermology, or what the heck, arent sperms eggs?
Look...running out of eggs or the Mother Cells makes me remember something. Why aren't sperms eggs? Why cant we call guys sperms eggs? They are like eggs arent they? If they arent, what are they?
I just dont get it.
Back to the Hoola Hoop.
You mean they could be something in the universe other than the beginning mother egg? OMG!
So back to Seashell City...for a moment.
Isnt there a Cross on a Hill, this HUGE mofo Cross? And wasnt it called...OMG it is beautiful! And I felt that area was really fascinating.
Have you been through a place only to sense something within that connects you to it, like a deja vu feeling?
Ok maybe I am talking...Somewhere In Time, that excellent cult flick with Chris Reeves and Dr. Quinn (Jane Seymour). That is MaKinaw Island (sp please). Do you know that is the original TURTLE ISLAND???Holy crap I found Hiawatha (no, that is Green Doors entry UP Michigan)
I will always remember the smell of Turkey sage dressing when I recall this area. It was some subway joint at St Ignace or around Grayling, when I recall that cold fall day Turkey soup.
Or the time all our money went flying out of the trunk at St. Ignace in one of those vertigo convergences of those Great Lakes Circle Tours. Man that was odd.
And there are so many unexplained things happening there, all the way up and past Lake Superior...
I met an ASTRONAUT at Rossport, Ontario. It was so cool. And we found that miles long Fungus too. Wasnt that in an episode of XFiles? NOt to sound too erie, but yes, Erieau also plays into this travelog discovery.
Those painted rockfaces (Pletroglyphs) sp again please of Agawa Canyon...that odd Twilight during the "Three Hour Tour" through Lake Superior Provincial Park makes one feel there is an awful odd glitch that needs to be questioned...but never answered by the odd doctors that frequent these time/space glitches of places. Another story or two here...
Ok just what is the scoop? The best ice cream on Manitoulin Island (where the natives bury their dead and Hiawatha where the deer woodland ppl marry) and where there is a lot of yellow ribbons and missing ppl (sure ppl just go missing with todays gps and real time webcams EVERYWHERE)...SO WHAT really is going on here in the UNEXPLAINED terror tory? far removed from EVERYDAY life as we knew it but know now it isnt exactly the way as explained, once the thought coil removed from the back of the brain (ty MATRIX).
Jan 13 09

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