Thursday, January 22, 2009

Viral Cures from Our Universal Understanding

If it is discovered one day that viruses come from deep condensed space, maybe from Complete or Partial Universal Condensity, then the energy maybe from the Mother Cell/Soul and a byproduct (baby) of this amoebic life force which guides (controls?) our Universes.

It was my conjecture, from a few years back and reported here (on the internet) that the Sun maybe the process which gives birth to these distant and condensed lifeforms called viruses.

It has been so difficult to find a cure for virus. Why? It is my conjecture from a few years ago that the solar activity (also may have something to do with Universal Condensation partial or complete by the MCS, in particular, sunspots activity have proven to be an activating force which produces (especially during abnormal sunspot activity these particular viruses that do devastate humans' systems.

Take this a step further. Let's say the process of Mother Cell Soul which amoebalike condenses from time to time our universes either patially or completely then the MCS may be also giving birth to these viruses (from may eons ago left from the last condensation). The only known thing left turns out to be a virus? omg!

Anyway, the only thing similar we have in common (besides life force) is the electron magnetic force. However, the virus is condense compacted like swiss cheese it goes through us and kills us (eats us) like the MSC amoeba.

The only cure, theefore for viruses, in my opinon is the intense switching of viral mitrchondrial energy systems back and forth from proton to neurtron (via electron nuclear fission/fusion machine...which would not irradicate the virus but make it impotent and thereby virus's usually are until they are activated from known sunspot activity or MSC activity. Think about it. Try it...if it works great...I wouldnt mind a few bucks from this cure. Thank-you very much! jajo 22 01 09


  1. No, really, I did come up with the theory (from a few years back) that solar activity promotes viral activity or switchs "on" viruses. We want to learn how to switch "off" viruses.

    Because viruses are so condensed their energy systems SO intense from condensation at unknown point in the universe, than it follows that viruses need to be confused, which is worse case scenario for the viruses, they are unable to FUNCTION. Since viruses function via electron/neutron pulses of unknown entity/energies at this point, (maybe one day known) we would know then that...we can confuse the viruses into malfunction and rendering them useless. Thank gosh we have the brain over the braun here folks!
    try it! it may work! Just remmember that these pulses cannot interfer with human biology.
    So how would we safely switch on off off on...without damaging us? INTENSITY LEVELS OF THAT HIGH MAG CANNOT EFFECT SINCE WE ARE OF ANOTHER RANGE THAN THAT...IT would be nice to know....thse levels on the SPECTROMETER...LASAR LIGHT ARRAY MAYBE....try light try for the or find the energic sourcing of the virus. good idea but maybe impossible since it so impossible to find that intense level at another infinite range. however, given the energy systems in the universe using one virus agains another or pro/neutron warring viruses defeat each other or sonar activity...or a form energy which surronds like amoeba sheath and protects? Working on it...

  2. isolate one virus

    isolate another virus

    proton stimulate one virus

    neutron stimulate another virus

    put them in a room together...

    they may negate one another or cause...omg pandora's soup!

  3. The solar activity theory of viruses from a few years back really made sense. Take 1918 plague epidemic (Flu)...ok we know that at the fime of the 1918 flu epidemic there was intense sunspot activity (solar/viral active)...we know that this has an effect on "awakening viruses" from their "sleeping pod modes". Now to return them to their sleep mode by confusing to infiltrate viruses...electromagnetically? solar electrially, cloning viruses? spectrographically encoding via subjects with lasar energy switching back and forth to confuse the active viruses. They dont respond to other methods...try this! jajo 22 01 09

  4. So therefore a patient with virus needs to go under a magnetic MRI (that's the tech to date) and go switching back and forth back and forth, on off off on...maybe until the virus runs "its course" ..not sure of what individualized "courses" of viruses are...from the ingesting to the active phase (baby making)..whats the word? you know...reproduction thank you! yes, do that! jajo 220109