Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feelings Are they More Real Than Logic?

How much faith do we place in logic versus feelings or vice versa? It is possible that we place equals amounts and weigh all stimuli equally, both logical input and feeling input. If so, how does Love play into the equation?
Love is without question a feeling. Robots do not Love. Love is also difficult to measure as are many emotions and feelings.
How would one tempt to understand love in they are the non-emotive type? How would one experience Love if they suffered from unknown form of autism?
Watching others love may be one way. Those who are autistic can learn much from emotion of others, how other react. But the autistic child or person does not feel Love, well not in the conventional sense of Love.
What is the conventional way of feeling Love?
Traditionally love is expressed in a deep feeling for someone that transcends time and space. This is defining Love. Love is not easily defined, ask any Ronamce poet.
So how, exactly can a nerdy man learn to really, truly love his wife or gf, significant other?
Love...let's go to the poets for this one. Emily Barett Browning...Love is not boastful, Love is kind, etc...or Saint Francis of Asissi...make me a channel of your Love, where there is hate, let me show kindness...etc. Yes, we recall and reread these essential lessons because they are important to us to have a deeper experience on the Love Plane.(Is that near Soul Train?)...
Love Love Love...All You Need Is Love McCartney/Lennon...I still remember the Grade 4 Valentine from Joe Conolley with those words written to me on it. Obviously McCartney/Lennon knew from love, as do most of the ardent Knights of the Round Table.
If any description can be given, then Love certainly would be a heart within a circle. This is a safe place, Love. It is a kind place. It is a giving place. It is a needing place. It is our destiny to Love. Why?
Love is the essence of our Soul. It is what gives us our human personality. Some logical people could feel that Love is merely instinctual. Love to the autistic man is a face in a crowd, knowing that face and loving that face. It is a personal imprint, an identifying mark, Love is a memory which cannot die.
How can Love not die? How can Love withstand Time, Hate, Evil, etc., etc.? Love is eternal because it is the imprint on our Soul. When we share our Love with another we are giving a "piece of me (or you") to another. It is this mutual interplay of soul-communication which describes love on the one constant in the Universe - Love.
If a person negates emotions because they feel they are not a positive feature of being human, they are not allowing the world's best form of communication to exist. When does one fall out of Love? We never fall out of Love. Once Love exists, it is there permanently, therefore, may all your relationships understand this.
If we give in to Love, are we weak? Sometimes we are weak when we give because we are vulnerable. If we deny Love, we may gain in other areas, but our souls (unless there is a misconnect happening)will suffer. We sometimes cannot Love another because of a relationship that remains unresolved, unrequitted, unfufilled.
We want to fly higher and higher in Love yet earth's gravity contains us. We are devasted when Love fails to continue with our Loves. We feel cheated. We feel there is an emptiness in a world, and actual heart-pain which defies explaination.
What if one Loved another but the other did not Love back?
This is a very sad case of unrequitted Love. When we are deceived into thinking another Loves us but does not Love in the manner or scope or completely, there are lost feelings.
How does one Love completely? It is not difficult to give oneself over to the emotion of Love. It is similar to a river flowing through two people. The energies converge, the seed is planted. Sometimes the seed was never meant to be planted and there was just a casual relationship. If one person thinks they are Loved and gives back Love, this could be a case of "Alienation of Feelings". I believe this is an old US law, not sure how or why it came into existence, but the feeling is that once Love exists it should stay with those people "until death do you part" or "forever" which ever comes first! As you can tell, Love is complex and not easily described or dispenced. Love can exists in many forms. Which form is your Love? How does Love change from Friendship type of Love to Romantic Love which supposedly "never dies". Do you understand where I am coming from? (pardon the dangling participle).
Love should last. If it doesn't, clearly the reason must be clearly stated, otherwise the spirit of Love will not leave another and would stay forelorn, waiting in the desert of waiting, forever blistering under the hot embers of the sun. Pining away until death. Not a pretty picture, and not fair to the jilted lover.
Jilted or Deceived? Who would ever deceive another at Love. What cold cold heart would do that? Who would knowingly put this hurt upon another? It is with absolute certainy I can say, this person does not feel Love, not ever. I feel sorry for this person. Either they have rejected completely emotions, or they are completely unable to feel this emotion. They may too, have been playing the power game control by fooling a person into loving them because they want to hurt another, or they are getting money or power from this said destruction of another. Whatever the reason, a person whom lies about loving another is a shallow and debase person. They do not deserve the time of day. Stop playing with my heart...should be told to the player and let the player continue their games, on somebody else!
Oh yes that person who did sue was the husband of McPherson, herself spiritual. I guess it is a matter of focus. Even a religious person can be lacking the emotion of love, either it is negligent (does not exist) by proxy (feelings never existed) or by hurt (ipsofacto). These emotions need to be understood. It really does effect our lives in so many ways.

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