Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Contemplating Templates or Gestalts Naval Gazing: UTube Review


After watching this Youtube video, I have found some very interesting proposals on control of masses via consumerism. It amassed me how the masses are transformed into consumers for control purposes, by the powerlords corporations. I am further dumbstruck (what else is new)and dumbed down by the massive missive this concept-agenda.
This could be considered a conspiracy theory or thesis (how to know the difference?)until the truth about the states are examined for authentic evidence, not just heresay.
Sometimes we must be careful to examine carefully what is presented to us, no matter what it is. What seems innocent enough, may have a secret or hidden (occult?) agenda.
It also reminds me of how anything tried, true and/or good can be twisted to look evil or whatever, especially be media experts trained in this scientific methology or is it scientology? Whatever purpose this control, it is not or should be the basis of any kind of democratic endeavour.
Yes, maybe there is no Santa Claus Virginia but I get the convincing feeling that there is a wizard behind the scene pressing the "right" buttons for a schemeing type agenda of unknown etomology. Control agenda for the masses? I think the police state would be indicative of this fact, plus ad on the brainwash of multimedia and you have the complete picture. It just needs to be broken down into constituent parts as to learn how control propaganda is made, consumed and programmed by the end user, the generalized "consumer" of consumer products, etc. It seems a little "ephemeral" at this point, I want proof and I want it now!
If this governmental control agenda is not using definitive propaganda then why is there so much proof of it? One can talk conspiracy til blue in the face and nobody listens because it does not contain the success ingredient; the golden carrot before us. Gazed and glaxed over from years of propaganda brainwashing is not easy to pick the pieces of brain matter from tv screen. We have merged, melted and congeled into this blob of an amoeba called "the masses". Not funny!Why did it happen? Because our animal instincts kicked in and we "resorted" to animal instinct, without thinking, without prescribed thought, without autonomy! Cursed be the day! We are all zombies, yet we do not realize it...yet...soon...soon!
Once and when we have figured out we have all been brainwashed via propaganda from the media for decades we will be able to sort out what is the garbage going in and what is the garbage going out, what is the quality material we want to keep and what is the quality material we want to trash. Do we do this sorting unconsciously too, as there must be some spirit within the body, mind, soul of man that screams for retributive justice, the kind the drug store does not sell. If we arrive at any conclusion it would be this; let's hope to heck we are smarter than any bs propaganda being shoved into our dura mater.
Yes, let's hope that we have the knowing instinct to do the body better and when the resultant medulla oblongata kicks in, and we have arrived at the intellectual part of the brain for collecting, sorting, collating we will know the difference from the drone of forced mind control garbage and what is simply good for us propaganda. The propanda lords made this world to help them or us? After seeing the vast difference between the power lords and we the people I would say, yep, there is definite agenda patterning, and maybe, now, due to all the high tech out there we are truly screwed "en masse"!
Propaganda tools having being used for agenda swinging of the populace, than I would believe them. For example, one of Freud's associates (some Austrian lady) was discussing how German People were supposedly "not into examining or expressing their feelings". To this I say "Pshaw!". This is just not the case in the German Expressionist Movement where feelings were par for the course. HOwever, Austria may have slightly more refined and not wanting to create a "scene" as far as emotional expression is concerned, but isn't that the "intellectual way"; to hide one's emotional core for the intellectual pursuit.
There is another case in point in regards to how Freud and his nephew were instumental in using Freudian psychoanalysis for population control. This is really a new one on me but would definitely fit with the "Mad Men" theory of this time-frame. Definitely the 30's was a very mad time. Lots of madness. Is there some synchronicity in the 30's madness (WWII for example) and the way "intellectual control" became so "control freakish" as to actually cause chaos? (War). I am not saying this is something good, it is just that, if we do not examine the emotions (titled The Beast Within) we (or propaganda) you could say I am amazed blah blah blah the zombie repeats....

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