Monday, January 19, 2009

Truth In Feeling: Does It Exist and Why

When we say we are "intuitive" we understand that we have synthesized "all there is to synthesize" to come up with a gestalt or concluding set of understanding the world and all that is in it. Can we "lie" about feelings? Yes we can. Lying about feelings happens in the human animal on a daily if not hourly basis. Feelings as they are felt at the moment, are the truth in feelings. Feelings, no matter how horrible, how ugly, need to be expressed IN THE MOMENT so that the person does not hid the negative or become "Passive-Agressive" in personality.

But personality cannot change? According to Freud and others, the personality is set in stone and only manipulated not changed. It is my feeling that we believe the personality is set in stone because we have put up fences keeping "us" in and "them" out. According to psychedelic research phenomena, this is just not the case. The perssonality is the personality of the universe, it is fluid, as water, ever changing, rearranging the furniture. How do I look as a "kind" individual or a "mean" individual. How I can manipulate that "insecurity" to become more "bold" and be able to go on the stage. Our personalities are a really a set of givens. We have a certain way of talking, a certain way of speaking, a certain way of doing whatever. However, we really can change and adapt to that change similar to plastic surgery.

For example, I could go under the knife today and not look anything like my previous self (extreme makeover). However, would this mean that my personal appearance IS my personality? No. It is not my personality my appearance. My appearance is a COMPONENT of my personality, and an outer COMPONENT at that, not really intrinsic, very shallow a component!

So then, if I wanted to change a COMPONENT of my personality, let's say, my negative attitude I have towards going on stage, I would REARRANGE PERSONALITY COMPONENTS to make the stage business more palatable. Other features of personalities can be changed to the point where the original GESTALTS OF PERSONALITIES are COMPLETELY removed or changed. Does this mean, I will still resort to my old stage fright given traumatic reboot sessions and therefore my DEFAULT PERSONALITY MODE is what I am and can NEVER change? Good question!

How did our personalities get set in stone anyway? Is the beginning so important? The mother egg cell? The mother egg cell is not motile? Not moveable? An immovable feast? An immovable feat. Hey, everything else in the universe is under CONSTANT CHANGE so why not THE PERSONALITY. Can anyone name anything else in this world that is so unchangeable AS THE PERSONALITY, intrinsically speaking? So then, our personalities are UNCHANGEABLE because they are our SOULS which, as we all know are, NEVERCHANGING AND NEVERMOVING ETERNAL DESIGN? WOWSA, LET'S examine this a little bit more closely...especially the part about the soul being unchangeable...

According to the Church our souls are CHANGEABLE. We can change our pattern of sin and thus sin no more and save our souls from THE HELL HEAP. Ok you think I am using religiousity and I am limited in this thought. You may be right. We are programmed into thinking a certain way, but this may be for our survival so dont throw religion (any kind) out with the bath water (just yet!).

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  1. How much I believe therefore it is exists today?

    Can I kid myself into believing something?

    Yes I can.

    This aspect shows how our fluid thoughts effect our universe here.

    We are internal and external and hopefully, a combination of these principle set of values.

    He have within us a need to understand the truth at all costs. Why?

    Why is it the last thing I want on my cerebral cortex imprint is that face of my murdererererer? (for example?)....?

    I think i want to know what was his "truth" to want to kill me. (this is all example only folks) anyway...he wanted me dead as a doornail and I feel this is my right to know. I think I will even come back to haunt to know this truth. By why the **** for?

    Truth, what is it? Really?

    It is "out there"?

    I thought it was "in here" (pointing to my heart or solar plexus areas)...

    Yes, we had.